Tuesday, October 31, 2006

International Pop Overthrow 2006

WED 11/1 to MON 11/6

Doors open at 6:30pm
International Pop Overthrow
at Paradise Lounge, 969 Comm. Ave., Boston (near BU)
$10 / 18+

I remember going to the original Poptopia festival shows back in L.A. many years ago. International Pop Overthrow has taken up the mantle of presenting dozens of bands over several days that all share a love for the pop that’s really ‘popular’ anymore: catchy songs with jangly/loud guitars. A lot of bands still take that classic formula and put their own twist on it, and there’s a boat load of ‘em here in Boston. It’s 5 nights of 30-minute sets, so don’t think about it too much -- just go when ever you can. You’re bound to hear something you like. I still haven’t been to a bad show.

I might write more, but here's the list of bands for each night:

WED 11/1Cookie Cutter Girl: Pop Superhero (11:30pm), The Kickbacks (11pm), The Cautions (10:30pm), Girl On Top (10pm), Mike Previti (9:30pm), Anushka Pop (9pm), Andy Pratt (8:30pm), Jillian Wheeler (8pm)

FRI 11/3
Minky Starshine and The New Cardinals (11:30pm), My Little Radio (11pm), The Flashcubes (10:30pm), The Luxury (10pm), Rooftop Suicide Club (9:30pm), Temper (9pm), The Silver Lining (8:30pm), The Naomi Star (8pm)

SAT 11/4:
Rock E. Rollins (11:30pm), Sass (11pm), The Brett Rosenberg Problem (10:30pm), The Banana Convention (10pm), The Irresponsibles (9:30pm), A Wish For Fire (9pm), Scamper (8:30pm), Mitch Linker (8pm)

SUN 11/5:
The Motion Sick (11pm), RUTH (10:30pm), Coley (10pm), School For The Dead (9:30pm), Mark Renburke (9pm), Justin Levinson (8:30pm), Jen Tobey (8pm), Dave Aaronoff (7:30pm)

MON 11/6:
The Mystery Tramps (11pm), Static Of The Gods (10:30pm), The New Thirty (10pm), The Fawns (9:30pm), The Buckners (9pm), Fireking (8:30pm), Satch Kerans (8pm), Cheater Pint (7:30pm)


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