Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some Early Weekend Cheapness -- FRI 9/28 & SAT 9/29

FRI 9/28

7:30pm to 11pm
Tango by Moonlight
Over the Charles River on the Weeks pedestrian bridge, Memorial Drive side, near Dewolf St, Cambridge

It's the last dance, the last dance this year... But there will be no disco ball in sight tonight. When the weather is warm and the moon is full, tango is the game (but if you keep to the side, you could pretty much do anything like a dance like in junior high. There's a brief dance lesson session, and then you do your best on the basic tango step while you bump into the the real dancers -- or maybe that's just me.

It's a good time anyway. It's free, and the view is beautiful. Take your loved one and look like a romantic hero(ine) -- or show up and dance with a stranger. There are usually enough people without partners. Stay as long as you want.

Rain date: 9/29

SAT 9/29

J. Cannibal's Feast Of Flesh V: Music, Burlesque, Horror Film, etc
Feat: Bad Ash, Black Cat Burlesque, "Evil Dead"
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

This guy does not wait until Halloween to freak you out. I say J. Cannibal is creepy, because he's an undertaker -- and he looks & acts really creepy. One of his other vocations is organizing the Feasts of Flesh where zombies & freaks (and zombie/freak lovers) get together for music, film, burlesque, and all-around wickedness and weirdness.

I admit it's been a long time since I've seen 'Evil Dead', but it's still one of the best horror movies I've seen. Remember that it was done on a low, low budget (even for 1981: $50k); but it was still friggin' scary and gory -- cheesy special effects and all. It's not just me, because it's considered one of the all-time horror cult classics. Director Sam Raimi has since helmed the Spiderman movies and others.

Tonight's band could not be a better fit; Bad Ash (named after Bruce Campbell's character in the 'Evil Dead' movies) slams the night into gear with an opening set. Their horror-influenced punk with a humorous bent gets a little metal at points, and there's even a little bit of ska horns. For those who enjoy hot 'ghoul on ghoul' action should dig the spine-chilling lovelies of Black Cat Burlesque who have been "raising pulses, the dead and a whole lot of hell since 2003."

Free 'gory' goodie bags for all, there will be some cool prizes for best zombie costumes -- and there are some serious contestants. SEIBEI, a t-shirt company, has "Intramural Zombie Hunting League" t-shirts to sell and will give some customized ones away.

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