Monday, December 31, 2007

NYE Tips: Stay In & Prosecco

I listed a few cheap New Year's Eve options below, and there's plenty of cool stuff going on -- but I'm hanging low tonight.

I especially don't see why I would ever want to pay more to get into a crowded bar filled with drinking amateurs. Take that money, and buy loads of drink & food; it's a perfect night for hanging out with friends. You don't have to wait at the bar for a drink, the music (or whatever) will be as loud as you want, and there's a good chance of liking everyone in the room. You can even party past 2am, if you choose...

If you don't drink champagne much, there's no need to force down a glass of Andre at midnight. While you might spend at least $30 for a pretty good bottle of the French stuff, you can get a good bottle of Prosecco, sparkling wine of my mother's homeland, for $12 to $15. Any brand should be alright. The 2 big names are Mionetto and Zardetto. It would probably be a fine base for mimosas the morning too.

Happy New Year!

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