Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"GottaLoveContests": Dirty Derby Prom on SAT 4/26

Dirty Derby Prom, 4/26
It's a few bucks over my $10 ceiling, but you can win 2 tix to the Dirty Derby Prom on SAT 4/26 at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge (near Central Sq).

It takes a little work... Not just a random raffle... YOU have to identify -7- Boston Derby Dame gals from their prom photos on this page. Contest details are there, but you have until THUR 4/17 to enter the contest.

You have until SAT 4/19 to buy tickets ($15) in advance; they're not selling any tix at the door.

The Dames always throw a great party...

Here's an extra photo of my favorite Boston Derby Dame, Pussy Venom:
Pussy Venom, Boston Derby Dames

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