Saturday, February 13, 2010

SAT 2/13: Beards, Pop, Punk, Rock, Videos

If you're still looking for a V-Day gift -- or a gift of any king, I saw on Yelp that there was a local artist market at The Burren this afternoon.

For a couple extra bucks, this is a great (Mardi Gras) show at TT's.


SAT 2/13

3pm to 6pm
"Get Your Beard On": Beard & Moustache Contest
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)

Did you grow facial hair for the winter? Maybe you can win a prize in one of these categories:

- natural full beard
- free-style full beard
- free-style moustache
- free-style partial beard
- fake beard
It may be too late enter/register, but I can't imagine they would deny your wonderful whiskers.

If you're fond of facial hair, amused by it, or simply are looking for a day-drinking excuse; all are welcome to hang out and admire beards.

The master of ceremonies will be Somerville celeb and bon-vivant Jimmy DelPonte -- this guy is hilarious. DJ Pace will no doubt spin the hairiest tunes in his bag of tricks.

SAT 2/13

Tiger Saw, St. Claire, Elizabeth Butters, Carly Sings
at Arts at The Armory Cafe, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville (Spring Hill)
$7 / 21+

And puppet show!

Tiger Saw is a regularly changing collective that revolves around songwriter Dylan Metrano; whatever they do, I always cock my head and listen when hear that forlorn voice tell peculiar stories on top of folky chamber-pop. Tonight should also include some of their puppet show based on Metrano's "part travelogue, part studio diary, and part oral history".

In a fantastic night of acoustic music, they're joined by the smokey, folky St Claire; the delightful, old-time jump back about a century with Elizabeth Butters; and the Irish-French chanteuse that really is a special treat for us Americans (a 4-star review in Rolling Stone/France)

SAT 2/13 (& SUN 2/14)

The Welch Boys, Drago, Dead Friends, Beantown Boozehounds, Burning Streets, The Snipes
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 21+

The Welch Boys, The Blue Bloods, Refuse Resist, Ashers, The Murder, Full Powered Halo

On either night you'll see a shitload of great Boston punk. Ron Holbrook was the original drummer for The Welch Boys, and he passed away in '07. The proceeds will benefit his widow and two daughters.

SAT 2/13

Jeddo Stars, Tijuana Sweetheart, Tired Old Bones, The Furiousity
at The Baseball Tavern, 1270 Boylston St, Boston (Fenway)
$7 / 21+

For a rocking night with full-on grrrl-power, this is a winner. The nasty, hard-rocking punk of Tijuana Sweetheart (who is the new mutation of Vagiant -- who should get some credit for their song "Fuck the Kells") and the sloppy, sassy Furiousity are flanked by the poppy indie-rock of Jeddo Stars and the heavy swing of Tired Old Bones.

Yes, go downstairs for rock -- or to the roof for the view.

SAT 2/13

Viva Viva Valentines Prom w/ Full Fang, DJ Claw
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

Dave of Viva Viva says, "We want people to come dressed in prom attire, its gonna be really cool, I think!" Formal-ish dress is encourage, but not required. Perhaps you and your date are already getting dressed up tonight, yet you want to remind yourselves that you will always want to rock out like you really wanted to at your prom.

We didn't have a band at my prom, that would've made memorable for something other than my date jumping out of the car before it stopped moving… It would've been a pretty twisted high-school experience with the creaky, creepy rock of Viva Viva that reminds me of The Dandy Warhols today.

Full Fang is a new band filled with dudes that have played in many cool bands like Frank Smith, Mittens, Thalia Zedek Band, and Fuzzy. While I couldn't find any worthwhile link, an earlier name was Underbite (another 'tooth-related' handle). I think all of these guys have played with Hilken Mancini at some point, so I can only assume this is some king of JP all-star band. It's a prom so there will be a DJ, of course.

SAT 2/13

The Action Pack presents:
"Total Eclipse Of The Heart: 80s Love Song Sing-Along"
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

The cheesy, kitschy, ironic way to celebrate love or wallow en masse for your broken heart. You'll probably feel better either with a few laughs.

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