Monday, January 07, 2008

Every THUR: ICA is Free after 5pm

A friendly reminder...

5pm to 9pm
Free Thursdays
at Institute of Contemporary Art, 100 Northern Ave, Boston (South Boston/Waterfront)

I know other museums offer free times, but have you been to the new ICA yet?

Waaaay back in December 2006, they swung their doors open to the public. Everyone knew our city's newest museum was having a free inaugural celebration, and thousands (including me) showed up.

After waiting in a long line, we were herded into a tent with various snacks and hot drinks. I recall some live music and some lights peculiar lights moving around the Target-sponsored room, which seemed slightly psychedelic after several cups of the non-alcoholic cider... Multi-media artist Halsey Burgund does really cool songs 'n things with audio samples, and he brought his "Bring Your Own Voice" Booth for people to participate in the creative process. The wait for your entrance number was interminable. (I rarely use that word, but it fits.) If you survived this purgatory, the only thing that stood in the way of Art was... another long line. So I left.

Since then, I've enjoyed the free Thursday Nights a couple times. I was surprised that all of the exhibition area is on the 4th floor, but it's still much larger than old location on Boylston. The view upon the harbor from the long hallway is really cool and may be my favorite sight at the museum. You also have to take a look at the 'interactive room' with the disorienting view of the water. Although you only have access to basically the ICA website, I've heard you can get on the internet. Here's a hint:

Although the winter schedule seems a bit light, there have been various special events on many Thursday nights that are often free as well, but they're first-come, first-serve admission.

This Thursday's forecasted high is 45°, so the walk wouldn't be horrible especially if you took the Silver Line...

Unlike other museums that make you hold a big, black audio guide to your ear, you can download audio tours for your mp3 player for free.

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Anonymous said...

Hello out there: We actually held a free day to the public on December 9th, and Target provided free Hot Chocolate again.

ALSO look for the Saturday's we hold Family Play Dates - Free entry to the museum for families and we have activities for free too. Check the website under families for the dates.