Sunday, June 08, 2008

Esperanza Spalding on Letterman Show

First of all, I'm sorry there was no feast in the North End this weekend. I think I expressed some uncertainty about the event in the Weekly List. On Saturday I walked pretty far down Hanover St around noon, and there was no sign of it. Tonight I just looked down Hanover. Nothing as far as I could see -- and that was past Prince St...

To console us for the absence of fried calamari in our belly, I offer a video of the wonderful Esperanza Spalding. She was on the David Letterman show this week and is on tour, which might bring her back for a 6/21 performance at the MFA.

She wasn't born in Boston (and it looks like she might be living in New Jersey these days), but she graduated from Berklee. Esperanza even taught there afterwards. She played a gig at Regattabar last week ($16), but for a while you could've seen Spalding at Bob the Chef's for free or a few bucks in recent years. I'm guessing we might not see her for cheap in the near future besides a Borders in-store on 6/20. Maybe she'll drop in at Wally's when she's in town...

Here's the clip. She might be on the cusp of pop stardom -- for a jazz musician -- shes really plays jazz! This song is on the smooth side, but Leo Genovese plays some beautiful piano. I liked his long melodica hose to keep one hand on the piano keyboard.


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