Wednesday, November 19, 2008

THUR 11/20 to SUN 11/23: International Pop Overthrow Fest

International Pop Overthrow Festival, Boston
Various Times
International Pop Overthrow Festival
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

International Pop Overthrow is the multi-city / multi-national showcase for hundreds of kindred spirits that love the kind of rock 'n roll that was "pop" in '60s and '70s. A lot of bands still take that classic formula that was taught to us by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds, etc; and put their own twist on it. Whether jangly, fuzzy, punky, rootsy, and/or whatever else -- serving a good song is what's important.

With 6 or 7 performers doing short sets, you're bound to hear something you like. Quite a few of them have played the Boston festival in the past couple years, so they must be doing something right. My advice is to go to any show that you can and bring open ears to love some new music. Maybe pick a night that has a band that you already like... or a band that you've wanted to see... I've always had a good time at an IPO show in Boston (or LA).

(Oh, how I listened to Material Issue's "International Pop Overthrow" tape over and over again...)

** = Bands I already like. More info (I hope) coming on the others...

THUR 11/20

8pm: Satch Kerans
8:30pm: Andy Pratt
9pm: Ian Axel
9:30pm: Jerry Fuentes
10pm: The Kickbacks **
10:30pm: The Mystery Tramps **
11pm: The Sneaks
FRI 11/21
8:30pm: Henning Ohlenbusch
9pm: Salvatore Baglio
9:30pm: The Motion Sick **
10pm: John Powhida International Airport **
10:30pm: Fireking
11pm: The Doom Buggies **
11:30pm: 1.4.5. **
SAT 11/22
8:30pm: Bird Mancini
9pm: Peter Baldrachi
9:30pm: Frank Ciampi **
10pm: The Shills
10:30pm: Oranjuly
11pm: Popfilter
11:30pm: Topheavy **
SUN 11/23
2pm: Food Will Win The War
2:30pm: Allison Francis
3pm: Caitlin Frame **
3:30pm: Frank Critelli
4pm: The Naomi Star
4:30pm: Mars
SUN 11/23
8pm: Carlene Barous
8:30pm: Steve Caraway
9pm: Emeen Zarookian **
9:30pm: Apple Betty **
10pm: Gene Dante and The Future Starlets **
10:30pm: Shadwell
11pm: Lemonpeeler


Anonymous said...

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He's a singer, songwriter, recording artist, live performer, movie actor, and book author.

He has released over 20 albums and 500 songs with major record labels such as Sony, Atlantic, Capitol, and more ... and he has new music coming out all the time.

Listen to his great music by visiting these sites:

Andy Pratt Autobiography: Shiver In The Night

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rob v said...

Whoa, there's a lot of Andy Pratt links...

I didn't get to look into Andy when I wrote this post, but he's got an impressive CV. I'm interested in seeing him live!