Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TUES 6/15: Law & Bard, Booze, Music

I have to continue doing it, since it's been working:

Let's go, Celtics!

If taking the commuter rail could work for you and you don't mind giving the MBTA your information, you could enter to win a 10-ride pass and free MBTA lot parking. FYI: "Submissions must be received no later than noon on Wednesday, June 16."


TUES 6/15

Shakespeare & the Law: "Henry V"
at Cutler Majestic Theatre, 219 Tremont Street, Boston (Theatre District)

You might still be able to RSVP (required) to Dorothy Moore: by email or 617-449-6617

The local chapter of the Federalist Society has presented annual Shakespeare readings and discussions for 10 years. The program usually consists of an abridged, staged reading of the play performed by judges, attorneys, law professors, and other notables like former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey and a-hole columnist Jeff Jacoby.

It's followed by related panel discussion that's expected to explore "the law and war - including the role of patriotism, the treatment of enemy combatants, the use of torture, and the trial of foreign terrorists."

The fun part is that one of the panelists is former Bush DOJ attorney John Yoo who was instrumental in the legal opinions that basically sanctioned the torture of detainees. However he won't get much heat in this friendly situation

TUES 6/15

Meet the Smuttynose Brewer: Beer Tasting
at Atwoods Tavern, 877 Cambridge St, Cambridge (near Inman & Kendall Sq)

This is one of those Boston Beer Week events. Of the ones listed tonight, I liked the idea of trying a few different brews (Finest Kind IPA, Old Brown Dog, '08 Imperial Stout, Gnome, and a cask of Big A IPA) from a really tasty NH brewery.

If this was on my way home, I wouldn't have a problem to stay for a couple pints of Smuttynose -- or any of the dozens of beer on tap. Keep in mind, the brewer is supposed to be there to talk and drink with you.

TUES 6/15

6pm to 8pm
Stuff's Food Issue Party
at Pairings, 50 Park Plaza, Boston (inside Park Plaza Hotel)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+

Since it's the Food Issue, I'd like to think there will be some appetizers floating around the room to 'pair' with the complimentary DonQ rum cocktails.

You might be able to still RSVP.

TUES 6/15

The Dangerous Brothers, Danielle Miraglia
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$5 / 21+

The Dangerous Brothers s in the middle of a June residency where mandolinist extraordinaire Jimmy Ryan, roots-rock man Christian McNeill, and other rip through some souped-up bluegrass-rock amalgamation.

This week's opening guest is the bluesy, folky Danielle Miraglia who brings a big bagful of stirring songs to charm you with soulful voice and sweet fingerpicking guitar chops.

TUES 6/15

The Rodeo Church (11:15pm), The Grates (10:15pm), Busy Arms (9:15pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

It's a line-up shiny, happy music anchored by Australian trio The Grates in the middle. They hit town a little while ago, and the exuberant, bouncy rock caught my ear. I sense the Aussie joie-de-vivre and humor, and the singer has a pleasing stage presence.

Although The Rodeo Church sings about being "Miserable" and "Desperate", the music itself is upbeat tuneful rock. I hope they still have a keyboard player, because it adds a lot of the cheery colors to the lyrics. They also have a potential hit with their Conan t-shirts. After working on it for 3 years, Busy Arms is celebrating the release of their 8-song CD. From what I've read, live performances can vary based on the guys playing with the 2 main guys, but the folky rock gels with the other bands.

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