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SAT 8/21: Green, Water, Ice, Arts, Crafts, Rock, Dance

Yeah! Plenty of good cheapness, my friends. One could hang out around Union Square all day and night without getting bored or boring.

Deep thought: Do cabbies ever get tired of talking on the phone?


SAT 8/21

10am to 10pm
Boston GreenFest 2010
at City Hall Plaza, Boston (Govt Center)

Get some info, see exhibits, and enjoy activities and workshops related to the environment and sustainable living. I went last year and wasn't blown away, but there was some cool stuff.

The exhibits, etc are open from 10am to 4pm with stuff like a set of cars that can drive 100+ miles on 1 gallon of gas.

There is music/entertainment all day long, except for a 90-minute "Gubernatorial Green Debate" begins at 4pm. I assume most/all of the 4 candidates will appear.

If one gets a few tips to make a difference in a casual setting, it's worth it. Isn't it?

SAT 8/21

Noon to 5pm(?)
Allston Squirt Gun Day 3
at Ringer Park, about 100 Allston St, Allston

The beauty of this happening is the absence of registration or secret location.

In a way, I'm a little sad that they've conceded the street intersection as their location. Not only was it a water gun fun, but it was subversive. Unfortunately, the Boston PD are not known for their open-minded sense of humor, and the action could only last for a few minutes.

At the park, there is the continuous aqua-pugilism to sustain the good times. I doubt they are going to have the record-breaking attendance of 1,500+, because I was looking for this event earlier in the week and couldn't find it.

Will it really last for 5 hours? I doubt. Of course, everyone won't be punctual either. Although the Facebook page didn't explicitly give the same instructions as years past, it wouldn't hurt to:

- Wear green
- Be respectful to non-participants
- Be creative
- Have fun
No jerks, please.

SAT 8/21

1:30pm to 3pm
Banditos Misteriosos Water Gun Fight
near the Hatch Shell, Storrow Dr, Boston (Charles River Esplanade)

Okay, you really should've registered yesterday or before to join in the time-travel theme water gun fight. After two years of a 'Revolutionary War' theme, hundreds of people are going to participate in the most creative water gun fight around, so you flash-mob the flash mob if you got the guts and join in the fun.

A friend of mine is going, and they sent me the info for their team (past) who are meeting here at 1:30pm. (Wear gray and black.)

Supplies you should bring:
- 1 water gun of your choice.
- At least 2 FILLED two-liter bottles
- A back-pack to hold water bottles
- "As always, your fighting vigor and a bandana!"
If you want to scab your way onto the Future team (cyborgs, alien overlords, et al), wear primary colors.

SAT 8/21 (and SUN 8/22)

2pm to 4pm
Ice Cream Showdown
at Grand (adjacent lot), 374 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$9.43 advance / $8 door

Last year's event was pretty much word-of-mouth/web, and it was a good-sized crowd. I tried almost every delicious flavor, and some of the best local purveyors are participating again along with a few others; the tentative list includes: Stonyfield, Chilly Cow Custard, JP Licks, Christina's, Toscanini's, Picco, b. good

The advance tix are pretty much gone, but they say some tickets will be available at the door.

Sunday's Showdown in South End. (Tentative participants: Stonyfield, Toscanini's, Picco, Batch, Coop's MicroCreamery, Chilly Cow Custard, and Christina's)

If I wanted to pig out on ice cream for two consecutive days, this would be the weekend that I would try...

SAT 8/21

Battle House, Big Big Bucks, Thunderhole, The High Seas, Thief Thief, Beach Hair, Arvid Noe
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$8 / 21+

Okay, so there probably won't be too much free food at the "BBQ". If you want to get there early and hang out, it wouldn't be a bad idea to grab a pack of hot dogs and buns to throw on the grill for your friends (and to share a few).

The whole day is a musical goodbye party for Ross, the bassist for Battle House, who is moving away. I listened to every band, and it's going to be an intense day of rock. And, yes, is a damn fine bass player.

There's a lot of cool stuff to hear, yet you're not going to hear much sonic sugar for standard head-bobbing listening. (My two faves may be The Big Big Bucks and Battle House at the end of night.) Your head may bob in fits and starts, and I might dance to it.

Tentative schedule:
3pm -- BBQ starts
4pm -- Arvid Noe
5pm -- Beach Hair
6pm -- Thief Thief
7pm -- The High Seas
8pm -- *Dinner Break* (no bands)
9pm -- Thunderhole
10pm -- Volcano Kings
11pm -- The Big Big Bucks
12pm -- Battle House

SAT 8/21

4pm to 8pm
Bazaar Bizarre
at Union Sq Plaza, Somerville (nexus of Somerville Ave, Washington St, Bow St)
- Whatever you buy

Feat: Whir, Dan Blakeslee, Cotton Candy, Jonnie Spaceman, Thick Shakes, DJ Mark E Moon

Bazaar Bizarre is my favorite market to ostensibly buy gifts for other people and end up buying way more stuff for myself.

While you're browsing or consuming, there will be loads of music. I don't know the order, but it's a solid lineup; I especially dig the garage awesomeness of Thick Shakes, and Whir was a very pleasant new listen.

SAT 8/21

One Night Band, Year #2
at Middle East - Downstairs, 480 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$12 / 18+

As you read this about 40 awesome local musicians have been randomly separated into 8 bands, and they're trying to create 3 originals as well as learning a cover that they're going to play tonight.

I bet some of them brought a few ideas with them so they wouldn't have to start from scratch, but the results from the first time were impressively fun and fresh as you'd expect from new bands. All of these people can play, so there's a high probability that it won't suck.

I can't wait to hear it. If you don't like it, find me in the crowd and I'll give you the extra $2 back.

All proceeds benefit Zumix, which is a worthwhile youth-music community program in East Boston.

SAT 8/21

9pm to 1am
Project MUM: "5 Years of MUM"
Under the McGrath Highway, about 150 Medford St, Somerville (outside Union Sq)

It's street disco time! Where the Allstonian water guns have retreated to the park, Somerville keeps it edgy and annually creates the best dance club in town with no walls and directly under the McGrath Highway...

George Clinton! I need not say more.

Five DJs (Flack, Pace, Axel Foley, Wayne & Wax, Brother Cleve) celebrating 5 years of "Music under McGrath" in a tribute to George Clinton & the P-Funk Mothership, so people are encouraged to come outfitted with their "best Funkadelic space attire."

This grimy spot is truly transformed with decor, lights, and projected video into a location where the Mothership would surely land to shake intergalactic booty.

If you need a little liquid courage to get started like me, be a funky little scout and prepare yourself ahead of time.


SAT 8/21

BrownBoot, 5-Point, The Twangified Trio
at Rosebud Bar & Grill (behind Diner), 381 Summer St, Somerville (Davis Sq)
$5 / 21+

The Rosebud Bar may be the best-kept secret of Davis Square. There's no line to get in, so most people don't know that the bar behind the diner is open again.

Besides being a low-key pub, the bands on the weekends are usually pretty damn good. There's also plenty of seating, which gives it a different vibe than most rock clubs but is more comfortable...

BrownBoot rocks with soulful vocals with a sizzling-hot rock band. Enjoy the Boston punk of 5-Point and what must be something casual with The Twangified Trio.

SAT 8/21 (and SUN 8/22)

All Day
Hannah Verlin, "Bloom": Interactive Art
Sat, August 21 & 22,. rain dates: August 28 & 29
at Prospect Hill Park, about 70 Munroe St, Somerville (near Union Sq)

If you're going to be in Union Square for other activities, you might as well walk up Prospect Hill to see this installation. Hannah Verlin (by herself?) has set up thousands of paper flowers with "loves me" and "loves me not" messages on the petals.

Visitors are encouraged to take the flowers with them, so you can walk away with some art that diminishes over the weekend.

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