Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TUES 8/17: Zoo, Film, Music

You may have already seen this, but I think I've seen what could be the cool, relatively cheap ($19.99) Xmas gift of the year: the USB Beverage Cooler.

It's difficult to believe there's a significant power drain to cool your can, if the fridge is powered through a USB connection to your computer...


TUES 8/17

5pm to 7pm
Free Zoo Admission
at Giraffe (Rear) Entrance, Franklin Park Zoo, near Seaver St & Elm Hill Ave, Dorchester (Franklin Park)

"This Is It": Screening
at Elma Lewis Playhouse, near Pierpont Rd, Dorchester (Franklin Park)

This is the last big summer event in Franklin Park, and it's a "Wild Night" -- because that's what they called it in the email they sent me.

Walk around the zoo for a little bit, then head back out to watch an outdoor screening of MJ's last (to-date) concert film.

They say the #22, #29, or #44 buses have nearby stops. I walked from the Green St T station on Saturday, and it was probably a 10-minute walk. (Although I'm not sure I'd want to walk through the unlit park at night...)

Someone probably won't steal your blanket or lawn chairs if you left them on the field while you're in the zoo.

TUES 8/17

6pm to 8pm
Laura Cortese, Maeve Gilchrist
at Christopher Columbus Park, Waterfront/North End, Boston

Subtitled "Celtic Night", there will be a lot of fiddle and harp.

Laura Cortese is celebrating her birthday as part of Waterfront Performing Arts Series by playing with an acoustic fiddle quartet she put together (including Valerie Thompson, Mariel Vandersteel, and Tashina Clarridge).

I think she's fantastic singer, player, and songwriter; even though she recorded it a few years ago, I love her version of the The Cure's "Just Like Heaven".

Maeve Gilchrist is a singing, harp-playing Scottish beauty who studied at Berklee, and her rich voice is far more palatable to Joanna Newsom (imho). Gilchrist and her combo opens.

TUES 8/17

Rick Berlin, Ryan Lee Crosby, Old New England Weather
at Johnny D's, 17 Holland St, Somerville (Davis Sq)

This gig is mainly listed, because Rick Berlin must be experienced so I try to spread the word. There may be some of you out there that been in a room where he's sitting at his keyboard and unleashing some of his vast catalogue of vivid, passionate songs. It's a visceral adventure with a local giant that hits you in the gut and the head and won't be quickly forgotten.

Many people are also fond of Ryan Lee Crosby's delicate tales of melancholia. And it's likely that Old New England Weather may only perform as the singer-songwriter for a full evening of music to hold your attention.

TUES 8/17

at Sally O'Brien's, 335 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
FREE / 21+

In an article from a couple years ago, Gabrielle Agachiko said that she was focusing on "playing music inspired by Nina Simone - music that she performed or that I think she could have performed."

She doesn't plays in the Boston area as often as before, but it's very likely that Agachiko is still in her 'Simone' phase and her rich, husky voice suits the material quite well. Expect to hear tasteful covers mixed between dark, jazzy originals with an ensemble that should include some horns/winds.

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