Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TUES 8/16: National Rum Day -- in Cambridge

6pm to 8pm
National Rum Day: Tasting Pop-Up
at Zinc Apartments Outdoor Terrace, 22 Water St, Cambridge (near Lechmere)
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+

You can celebrate National Rum Day anywhere, nowhere, or in your kitchen; however there is a nearby spot where it won't cost you anything.

The beautiful thing about this sampling is that the all of these rums were distilled within Route 128 with the furthest site being about 80 miles away.

When celebrating Rum Day, it's worth noting that Boston had a rich rum history before the Civil War (i.e. part of the slave economy), but don't let history ruin every rum & cola or mojito.

Much like everything else made, bought, or sold in America before 1860; many people suffered while others partied. Perhaps we should appreciate that we have made progress in the last 150 years -- AND that local jobs are being created (with wages) by getting sloshed on locavore liquor.

It sounds like 5 local rums will be available at the top of the apartment building. Who knows how many people live in this building, but most will probably try to muscle in.

Reserve your spot and taste spirits from Privateer (Ipswich, MA), GrandTen Distilling (Boston, MA), Deacon Giles Distillery (Salem, MA), Short Path Distillery (Everett, MA), and New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery (Winchester, NH).

Extra points for anyone who says "Happy Rumadan" to a stranger on the terrace...

PS: The CTB Calendar is currently updated through Friday...

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