Sunday, January 03, 2010

1/3: Sunday Night Off-Topic Video

Some people aren't fond of Amanda Palmer, but I like her creativity and ambition, and that she (somewhat) represents Boston in the world. She may have canceled a November gig to do the NYE show with the Boston Pops, but it looks like it was a cool performance...


Anonymous said...

OH god, yes, she is horrific here! Oh my word...$80 for this show, you got to be kidding....very little vocal range...and so what...she painted herself white and played statue before the other kids were doing it...but yes, kudos to her for her ambition...I remember the days when you could just hang out at her apt. in the south end and say hello to the tree in the attic.

rob v said...

Jeez, $80...?

Yeah, I like a bunch of artists that aren't great singers.

And that's cool that you hung out at her apartment. If I ever see her around town again, I'll probably say "Hi, Amanda!"