Monday, January 04, 2010

MON 1/4: Drawings & Songs

It feels like a quiet night to me, so I didn't list the punk show at Charlies Kitchen or the indie-rock at Great Scott. That could've spread out the listing locations, but sometimes Central Square is good enough...


MON 1/4 (to SAT 1/9)

Noon to 7pm
FlexiB, "Drawing Disappearance"
at MEME Gallery, 55 Norfolk St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Quebecois artist FlexiB (Felix LeBlanc) is visiting Cambridge this week, and he's drawing most of each day -- some of the images based on submissions to the exhibit. You can see some images from yesterday on his blog, but he sanded them off last night to leave a layer of "ghost images" as the base of the new drawings. It's a bit like time-warped, ephemeral art or controlled graffiti.

MON 1/4

Carter Tanton, Boy Without God
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
FREE / 21+

It's likely going to be two solo sets, but these are a couple of really good singer-songwriters. Carter Tanton normally leads Tulsa, which has a vibe that reminds me of vital, raw era of Neil Young. I went on a 'musical field trip' led by Boy Without God last year, and it was a great time. When he sings, there's strong fervor even when the songs are quiet.

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