Friday, October 22, 2010

Sneak Peek: SAT 10/23

Here's a few thoughts before it gets any later...


Have you heard the Head of the Charles is this weekend? That's why some people have nautical emblems on their windbreakers.

It's not a bad day to visit Dorchester. It's "Open Studios" weekend. Although it doesn't look like there are any participating artists in the Lower Mills area, you could swing by Ledge Kitchen for a free coffee between 2pm and 3pm at a barista competition (as long as you dodge the $20 suggested donation for the Greater Boston Food Bank).

If you've wanted to see "Fantastic Planet" on the big screen, it's at the Paramount Center ($10 / $5 students) at 2pm.

There's also the WFNX Dance Party (3pm to 9pm) that I mentioned earlier which requires a RSVP. I'm not so excited about it, but there will be free rum drinks for a while.

It's not a bad evening to visit Jamaica Plain. The annual Lantern Parade is happening around Jamaica Pond on both Saturday and Sunday. Just sit back and enjoy the view or make one ($5) in the afternoon.

(Note: This is not at Forest Hills Cemetery, but on Sunday they're having a 10th anniversary celebration of their Sculpture Path as well as an E.E. Cummings Celebration.)

There are some good music gigs, but the most amazing one is The Figgs playing at Sally O'Briens (9pm). They absolutely rock, and I think it's free!

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