Friday, October 07, 2011

Start Thinking about Friday & Saturday

A regular Friday post is coming, but I wanted you to know there are cheap Friday & Saturday options on the calendar.

Union Square is making a strong statement on its hot 'n hip quotient with a new rock club/restaurant opening. They will no doubt fill the place with 4 killer bands on the bill.

Earlier in the evening, a handful of top-notch singer-songwriterly folks gather for the annual Viva La Vinal Festival about a block away at the Growing Center.

If you can't get into Radio Bar, PA's Lounge has excellent line-up including earthquake party! and The Vandelles.

I'm not sure what is more peculiar: avant-garde opera at BU or an original pop/rock band at a bar in the Seaport...

BTW, I went to "The Wrathskellar" last night and was thoroughly entertained by lovely dancing ladies, a clever story, and morbidly dry wit. More later...

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