Sunday, January 29, 2012

SUN 1/29: Chinese NY, Sun Fun, Surf 'n Wrestling

As always -- not a comprehensive list of cheapness, but some of the better options.


SUN 1/29

11am to 5pm
Chinese New Year Parade
near Harrison St and Essex St, Boston (Chinatown)

For most of the day, those classic giant lions/dragons will dance through the neighborhood. It's colorful sight, and I was amused for about an hour or more as they visit the various business fronts. There is only so much firecrakers and Chinese gong/percussion.

One time I thought it would be a good day to see the sights and have dim sum, but the restaurants seemed extra crowded.

SUN 1/29

at Infinite Corridor, from Bldg 7 to Bldg 8, Cambridge (MIT campus)

Twice per year, the sun sets at an angle that coincides with the long hallway at MIT. A similar effect happens on different days at different locations with Stonehenge being a purposeful example.

It's dorky, but you'll likely never see another sunset reflection like this in your life. It might a good day to catch the effect, if you're willing to take a little trip to MIT. Maybe after a long brunch in the Kendall Square area.

In case you don't read the link, know:

- It's best seen at the end of Bldg 8, 3rd Floor
- Don't be a jerk; move to let others see after you.
- Don't look too long, it will hurt your eyes. (It's the sun.)
- Watch where you're walking; walk to the side or use a lower floor if you don't show up early.
I tried to see MIThenge last year, and it's rather cool to see the sunlight shower a hallway in such a manner.

SUN 1/29

B.L.O.W.W., Surf's Up Spicoli, Tsunami of Sound, Matt Heaton & The Electric Heaters
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

There may not be a lot of bad blood on the local surf-music scene, so they probably need to bring putative types for a "Boston Surf Rock Rumble". A trio of instrumental surf bands assist in channeling your inner moondoggies and gidgets before the Boston League of Women Wrestlers hit the mat.

Sure, BLOWW is campy. This is still real people throwing each other around. It's probably less corny that professional wrestlers and WAY more fun than a high-school team.

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