Sunday, January 08, 2012

SUN 1/8: No Pants & Music

Am still not seeing the as much consistent cheap fun in the new year. I've got a quiet day planned, so I'll try to update the CTB calendar and write next week's cheapness.

If you haven't been to the New Bedford Whaling Museum, the exhibits are rather impressive. It was especially enjoyable on yesterday's Moby Dick marathon (for free).


SUN 1/8

2pm to 5pm
No Pants! Subway Ride
Meet at Dewey Sq, about 720 Atlantic Ave, Boston (South Station)

Even the first No-Pants ride five years wasn't as subversive as it planned to be when news media outlets were there and MBTA cops were in each train car. It's just another silly activity that happens every year to brighten a (usually) dreary winter day.

Go with a friend or make new friends. The process seems rather organized where you find a person with an umbrella who will assign you to a team that will give you further instructions.

These were basic instructions from a few years ago:

- Follow instructions about taking your pants off in between stations (and stash them in a backpack, etc).
- Act normally. Have a some fake answers ready to obvious questions.
- Take your pants off.
- Wear underwear.
- Not interact with the other pantless people.
- Keep your camera hidden/discreet, if you bring one.
- Listen to the police or other T employee, if they tell you to put your pants back on.
- Have some fun.
You can wear something fun but NOT "jokey".

You won't be riding around forever like Charlie, but you'll probably want to hang at the post-ride party at Kings from 4pm to whenever.


SUN 1/8

The Gallerist, The Red Heroine, The Old Edison, The Nickel and Dime Band
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 21+

Every now and then, I check my old posts to see what I wrote a band. Seems strange that I've never written about The Gallerist before (unless they changed their name). These guys are really damn good folk-rockers with with thoughtful songs through soulful vocals.

If you liked Mr Sister, then you might already know they changed their name to Red Heroine recently. Other than the name, it still sounds like the modern, old-time vibe with high, evocative that stretch and twist and swoop and swirl in fantastic ways.

The Old Edison don't really play Irish music so much as play raw punk-folk that channels the experiences of being a bunch of guys from Southie.

The Nickel & Dime Band don't play a lot of gigs where they're not backing Rick Berlin or providing live karaoke fun at the Milky Way. They're all great player who know how to have a good time -- and maybe some people can jump onstage and sing with them.


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