Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap V-day Ideas

Hopefully I'll post a few Wednesday & Thursday events but -- in case you look to a wacky blogger for V-Day ideas, I jotted a few down.

(You know this is a BS promotional event, right? Romance shouldn't be restricted to one day per year. Okay, rant is over.)

* Give blood together.
* Leave a note of adoration in 25 words or less. Don't gush; get to the point. Hell, make it a haiku for poetic flair.
* Look into their eyes, and say something heartfelt.
* Get a jug of wine and incense; call it "60s free love night".
* If you're going to give a present, buy something at an independent store like Magpie or Honeyspot.
* Make some digital valentine candy.
* If we get any snow that sticks, buy a can of red spray paint and write a message in front of your love's home -- in the snow... (maybe on a grassy spot...)
* I like making a mix CD.
* A good shag is nice any time of year.

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