Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Thoughts: Silent Dance Experiment

before boston silent dance experiment
Even though I didn't make it to Thunderdome XI last night, I roused myself before noon and got my ass to Faneuil Hall for the Silent Dance Experiment. In a few words, I guessed correctly -- it was friggin' awesome! It turned out to be a big crowd (200+?) of cool, friendly people. I think the few that didn't know what was going on had a good time. It was a fun little 13-minute dance festival.

Didn't make it down today? You can still do it!

Get a bunch of friends to download the track and have your own silent dance party!

It takes a little preparation -- but not much -- to simulate the original event:

* In my opinion, you need at least 10 people to have a successful "dance experiment."
* Get a box -- or something people can grab the colored index cards from.
* You need some yellow index cards. It's important that someone has a yellow card.
* Okay. This one is weird, but someone has to be Moses. They can get as much into character as they like. At the very least, they need a sign or nametag that says "Moses".
* Decide on how you start the track at the same time. (I suggest a "Ready, go!" or something like that...)
Because of the instructions, you do have to meet in front of Faneuil Hall. No biggie... It'll be fun whether or not you listen ahead of time -- but don't be too prepared!

Definitely some cheap fun when you're downtown. Maybe on a pub crawl...

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