Friday, June 26, 2009

SAT 6/27: Drinking, Rocking, Sailing, Sewing, Acting

Okay, so this wasn't the pleasant surprise I was hoping for a few days ago. At the very least, this is not surprising. More to come, but probably not tonight...


SAT 6/27

Noon to 7pm
at Sligo Pub, 237 Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)

Naragansett Beer is ramping up the promotions. I saw a photo of a new can design... New beers are being introduced... They want to starting in Rhode Island again... I like the 'Gansett; it's my cheap brew of choice.

It's not as if one needs another reason to day-drink at Sligo, but bands will play and shwag of some kind will likely be around. Narragansett is on tap; sadly I don't think it's legal for them to reduce the already low price.

From what I can glean: Woodbury will probably go on first, Andrea Gillis Band maybe around 2pm, probably John Powhida International Airport afterwards, followed by Joe Klompus (usually Tony Goddess) & The Johns who will probably do some Rudds songs and various covers.

SAT 6/27

1pm to 5pm
Sailing Open House
at Boston Sailing Center, Lewis Wharf, Boston (North End)

Enjoy a free sail in the harbor. It even be sunny this time (but be prepared for cooler temps on the water).

If you want to sign you up for lessons, they're offering discounts -- or you could just check it out and enjoy the ride and free refreshments. Again, this on Lewis Wharf, north of the Marriot.

As they say, "No sailing experience necessary. All ages welcome. Sailors of all abilities are welcome." It's a "first come, first served", so who knows what kind of wait (if any) there will be.

SAT 6/27

3pm to 7pm
"Sew What?!?"
at Union Sq Plaza, Somerville (nexus of Somerville Ave, Washington St , Bow St)

I like the Swap-O-Rama-Rama aspect of the event. Bring some stuff you don't like to wear and make it better. Or put your clothes into the collective pile and pick out something that's already there. Sewing machines and "notions" (I had to google that) will be available to create something fabulous. People will be there to help you "make it work".

If not, vendors will be selling their handmade clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. Maybe they will sew you something awesome on the spot...

(Raindate: SUN 6/28)

SAT 6/27

Jason Crigler

Three Day Threshold

at Atwood's Tavern, 877 Cambridge St , Cambridge

Two good shows in one location. Check out the top-notch, poppy folk/rock from the amazing Jason Crigler, who's life is a friggin' inspirational story (and documentary).

Three Day Threshold inspires me to drink and have a good time. If I was single, they'd inspire me to dance with every pretty girl in the bar (reality: get rejected by every pretty girl in the bar). You're in store for some kickass, hard-drinkin', good-time alt-country/Americana.

SAT 6/27

"A Workshop of Original Student Plays"
at Loeb Drama Center Experimental Theatre, 64 Brattle St, Cambridge
$8 / $6 students, senior citizens, Harvard ID

I can't tell you how to spend your evening. This is somewhat of a crapshoot. One -- or both -- of these plays could be entertaining and stimulating. Or the opposite of entertaining, or somewhere in the middle. I think the experience could be worth the price. A bit more info below. (I also harbor the feeling that creative people might still attend Harvard...)

SAT 6/27

"A Night of Torch Songs"
at Center for Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville (Spring Hill)

As the finale of Joe's Jazz & Blues Fest, a variety of vocalists will perform the music of Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, etc with a small combo.

I couldn't confirm web pages for most, but those scheduled include: Gabrielle Agachiko, Catharine David, Richard White, Marva Wooden, Leslie Anderson

Thanks Mayor Joe and Somerville.

SAT 6/27

Taxpayer, The Good North, The Information, Thick As Thieves, Barnicle
at Middle East - Downstairs, 480 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

The highlight of this show is the return of The Good North. They broke up in '06, and I haven't thought about them much (even though ex-TGN guys play in novelty-metal band, Bang Camaro)... I remember digging their punchy, new-new-wavey sound with the richly-textured guitars. I've listened to their new songs (available for free download), and they still got it. I read somewhere, "Hear what rock used to sound like in 2004," and it made me laugh.

They've put together some of their buddies (synthy-rockers The Information and Taxpayer) and a couple newer bands for a night of rock that just might make you want to pump your fist. I've said before that Taxpayer left me with a bland taste a few years ago, but the new stuff sounds pretty good with a bit more dynamics than I remembered. Thick As Thieves get a little too 'progressive' for me, but they're really good.

The dudes from The Pill will DJ in between (some Michael Jackson???).

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