Wednesday, June 03, 2009

WED 6/3: Party, Run, Acoustic, Rock, Comedy

Some people may not be comfortable with multiple versions of the nude female form (hello, John Ashcroft!), but I liked the graphic.

I laughed thinking that it looked like all the multi-colored women that Captain Kirk may have slept with -- and there is naked comedy tonight.

In case you weren't going to scroll the whole way, LiveNation is offering reduced service charges on some concerts today.


WED 6/3

6pm to 9:30pm
El Planeta 5th Anniversary Party
at Hyatt Regency Boston, One Avenue de Lafayette, Boston (Downtown Crossing)

Habla Espanol? You can still try to RSVP, but there's a good chance you might feel more comfortable celebrating the aniversario of a free Spanish-language weekly. On the other hand, El Planeta's owner said he doesn't speak the language. Anyway, "bebidas y antojitos gratuito esta noche" (my very clumsy attempt, but probably understandable)...

Much like "Stuff Boston" magazine parties, everyone who wants to go needs to RSVP separately.

WED 6/3

"Run a Mile with Bill Rodgers" & Open Track Meet
at MIT Outdoor Track Facility, about 200 Vassar St, Cambridge
$5 / $1 Ages 14 and under

Around 6:35pm, 4-time Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers is going run a mile as part of a National Running Day, and you can run along.

A "Mini Track Meet" is open to all with races of different lengths as well as hurdles, long jump, and possibly shot put. Check this PDF for details.

"Sign-up and registration occurs on-site at the event. There is no pre-registration."

WED 6/3

Death Vessel, Mike Gent & the Rapid Shave, Marc Pinansky, Ryan Lee Crosby
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$9 / 18+

This is going to be a night of most excellent acoustic-based songistry.

Unfortunately I haven't heard Death Vessel in person, but the clear, high vocals belong to Joel Thibodeau. It's almost unbelievable to hear such a timbre from a man, but this guy is the real thing (until proven otherwise). Mike Gent of The Figgs, who played over the weekend, has stuck around for a gig with one of his solo projects; the name suggests there will be other players. (Wouldn't be surprised if Figgs bassist Pete Donnelly gets onstage at some point, since he produced Death Vessel's CD.)

Marc Pinansky plays/has played in so many good bands (Township, Runner & The Thermodynamics, Tulsa, etc), and his solo stuff is pretty friggin' good too. Ryan Lee Crosby has a big, beautiful songbook in his head.

WED 6/3

Thick Shakes, Headband, The Wufs, Dave & The Daves
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)

Dudes and dudettes, this should be a blissful night of rock. Thick Shakes perfectly capture the spirit of the early, edgy, taut garage-rock. Headband seems garage it up with laid-back riffiness, and The Wufs were a pleasant surprise of raggedy indie-pop.

Note: I usually link Dave & The Daves to the MySpace page of The Beat Awfuls, because there was a gig where some of The Beat Awfuls couldn't make it and they changed the "show info" to Dave & The Daves. It's not totally accurate, but I will listen to complaints by the band. I like their music.

WED 6/3

The Naked Comedy Showcase
at ImprovBoston, 40 Prospect St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Naked Comedy Showcase takes place the first Wednesday of every month, but I think it's best to go when the weather is warm, at least it's best for male performers. Comedians of both genders will entertain you beyond the gimmick.

The naked comedy has actually been going on for about 4 years, so there must be something to it... And remember these are comedians, not exotic dancers.

Deal of the Day:

WED 6/3

Until Midnight
"No Service Fee Wednesdays" #1

I doubt there won't be ANY fees, but there will be less than usual. Take a look who's playing atat Harborlights or Great Woods, and you could save a few bucks today.

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