Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sneak Peek 6/3: Run w/ Greatness & Save on Concert Tix

There's more to come, and I'll try to update the event calendar soon.

Of all the potential items: you should know about the concert fees discount that starts one minute after midnight AND you might want some time to contemplate spending 6 minutes with a running legend.


WED 6/3

"Run a Mile with Bill Rodgers" & Open Track Meet
at MIT Outdoor Track Facility, about 200 Vassar St, Cambridge
$5 / $1 Ages 14 and under

Wednesday is National Running Day, so the Boston Athletic Association and USA Track & Field (New England) are hosting a "Mini Track Meet". "Novices and newcomers" are more than welcome; the whole idea is to get more people of all ages into running. There's races of different lengths as well as hurdles, long jump, and possibly shot put. Check this PDF for details.

The real treat is at 6:35pm when there's a chance to run a mile with 4-time Boston Marathon champ Bill Rodgers. Even though I don't personally enjoy running, I'll do it occasionally; this is somewhat tempting too...

Rodgers is planning on running a 6-minute mile, so you have a few choices:

A) Run faster and endlessly brag how you beat Bill Rodgers in a mile race.
B) Keep pace, then lie about beating him to your buddies.
C) Accept that a 61-year-old man can run faster than you, and brag to your friends that you finished "X" minutes behind Bill Rodgers without mentioning the distance.
I was going to make an analogy similar to the press release, so I'll print as they wrote it:
This opportunity is on par with playing a game of pick-up basketball with Larry Bird, hitting batting practice with Curt Schilling as pitcher or being paced around Indianapolis Motor Speedway by Mario Andretti.
"Sign-up and registration occurs on-site at the event. There is no pre-registration."

WED 6/3

12:01am to Midnight
"No Service Fee Wednesdays" #1
at LiveNation.com
*Pay Less Than Usual*

If you're thinking about going to a concert at Harborlights or Great Woods, then you should think about buying your tickets tomorrow.

Live Nation (and TicketMaster) has gouged concertgoers with service fees, but they're claiming that selected seats at selected shows won't have fees tomorrow. You'll have to check the website tomorrow, but it's basically the "lawn tickets" (i.e. "Stand in the back!"). Maybe some actual seats...

I doubt there won't be any fees, but there will be less than usual. It might actually be a savings of 25% to 33% or more...

There may be other "No Service Fee Wednesdays" over the summer. (It might be a ploy to build goodwill for a potential merger with TicketMaster, but you can enjoy a short-term benefit.)

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