Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TUES 6/16: Order a Free Personalized T-Shirt

Not one of the free shirts, but you get the idea...
Spreadshirt is holding its 2nd annual International T-shirt Day.

It's really easy to get a a free t-shirt that says whatever you like.

-- Order it today at the special site where you write the text, choose the colors, etc.

-- Type/paste the coupon code T-DAY09BOSTON in the appropriate field, and click the link next to it

-- Enter your personal info as if you're buying something, but the total will say "$0.00" (No credit card info is requested)

-- The only catch is that you have to pick it up between 2pm and 4pm at The Daily Catch at Seaport/Courthouse (2 Northern Ave) on SUN 6/21 when they're having the T-Shirt Day celebration.

(That doesn't seem like a major catch, does it?)

You have to order the shirt today, 6/16. You have to pick it up. I'll say it although it should be understood:

"One shirt per person, while supplies last."

Update: For some reason, I started making a list of possible shirt captions:

- I'm Thomas Pynchon
- I'm Papelbon's brother
- Sexier on the Internet
- I know, I know, I know
- It's on the corner of "Get A Map" and "F*ck Off"
- [your website's name here]
- 100% Fun!
- Dis-Obey
- "yes I said yes I will Yes"
- Thanks for buying me a drink.
- Anyone but Menino
- WTF?
- Free Willy
- If you lived here, it would be uncomfortable for both of us.


M said...

What a brilliant idea... I wish I lived out there already!

"Commenting" because I laughed full on at the concept of a "Free Willy" T-shirt... thanks! :)

rob v said...

Well, I'm sure you'll eventually get a personalized parking ticket whenever you get here... ;-)