Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday "Dig-chronicity"

For the record, I regularly pick up the Weekly Dig and generally enjoy reading it for more than Savage Love in the back. I even subscribe to their daily email, which made me wonder if they read my li'l blog.

It's one of the few the daily event updates that shows up later than mine (below), and these were the four items on their list:

- The Big Pink, at The Paradise (good, but $13 is too much for CTB)
- It's From the Sky & Double Nines, at Enormous Room (on CTB)
- Mo Lotman, at Harvard Book Store (on CTB)
- World Cup Boston 2010, at Artists For Humanity Boston (on CTB; they listed a dead link for venue)
I'm not suggesting they ripped me off -- because they would've also added the "Medicine Wheel" -- but it was just surprising how closely we matched today.

I told you that it's hard to find interesting Tuesday events...

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