Saturday, July 23, 2011

SAT 7/23: Daytime Cheapness

Am I crazy or was the rain a welcome respite?

Definitely wild weather!


SAT 7/23

10am to 6pm
Allston DIY Fest
at Ringer Park, about 100 Allston St, Allston

Isn't Allston wonderfully creative, funky, and low-rent? It doesn't get much better than free, and this is free on top of free on top of free.

Hours of bands playing with and without electricity. They're not even paying for the juice because bicycle-powered generators do the trick.

People are sharing knowledge in sessions like "Fix-A-Flat", "Poi & Hooping", "Self Defense Training", "Alternative Menstrual/Contraceptive Products", and "Make Your Own Sauerkraut". (Jeez, I hope the last two are led by different people.) The schedule is on the DIY Fest Facebook page.

There was a "Really Really Free Market" event a couple years ago, and it's happening again where anyone can bring stuff and/or take stuff home.

Bike Generator Stage:

Noon -- GG Noise
12:15pm -- Eatin'
12:30pm -- The Many Peoples Band
12:45pm -- Deafbabe
1pm -- Scouter
1:20pm -- Hyena
1:40pm -- Secret Jones
2pm -- Melodeego
2:20pm -- Arvid Noe
2:40pm -- Chris North Dream Quartet
3pm -- Brunt of It
3:20pm -- New Highway Hymnal
3:40pm -- Fat History Month
4pm -- Doomstar!
Acoustic Hang:
11am -- Christa Gniadek
11:30am -- Dandy & Andrew
Noon -- Susanna Kavee
12:30pm -- Tayla Roberge
1pm -- Reeling Kites
1:30pm -- Heather Foxwell
2pm -- Sonny Jim
2:30pm -- ** Open Jam **
3pm -- Little Liars
3:30pm -- Deezy and the Brobots
4pm -- Wounded Knees
5pm -- The Hogstompers
5:30pm -- Mornin' Old Sport
Yeah, the bands I recognize are playing towards the end on both stages. I suspect there will be a lot of good sounds throughout.

Artists will be doing their thing too, and I bet there will be stuff to buy. (Hey, people gotta eat.) Records and 'zines, etc too.

It's a park and a DIY fest, so feel free to do something creative or constructive along with everyone else. Or just soak it in...

SAT 7/23 (and SUN 7/24)

Various Times
"BeanTown BreakDown"
at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, 85 W Newton St, Boston (South End)
$10 each day
Saturday -- 11am to 5pm
Sunday -- Noon to 9pm
When I was a kid, I remember corny movies that showcased breakdancing. Of course it was awesome, and we all tried to figure out how to do it.

These are the people that gave it the practice and dedication to be frigid' awesome. The prize money probably helps as well.

SAT 7/23 (and SUN 7/24)

Various Times
Puerto Rican Festival & Parade
at Playstead Park, Franklin Park, 143 Seaver St, Dorchester
Friday -- 5pm to 11pm
Saturday -- Noon to 11pm
Sunday -- Noon to 3pm
Have you ever said to yourself, "I don't see enough Puerto Rican flags." Maybe like the single star or the fewer stripes.

You can enjoy some carnival rides and a bunch of food stands all weekend, and the parade happens on Sunday from Madison Park High School to the park. Of course there will be live performances.

Hang out in the park and imagine you're visiting the future 51st state…

SAT 7/23

Eddie Money, Marty Balin
at Hatch Shell, Storrow Dr, Boston (Charles River Esplanade)

At these oldies shows, they usually seem to get a covers/tribute band to open. You have to think Eddie Money is going to deliver his hits like “Two Tickets To Paradise”, “Take Me Home Tonight”, “Baby Hold On” -- but now you've got ex-Jefferson Starship singer Marty Balin opening.

He seems like the guy who will play a bunch of new songs that no one wants to hear, but I'd to think he'll do "Miracles" too.

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