Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TUES 7/26: Music, Shakespeare, Drawing

Darn, this list was close to being an all-Orange Line night.

Besides my preferred route to Franklin Park, Club Cafe is close to the Back Bay Station. It's not exactly around the corner from the Mass Ave station, but I guess it's only a couple blocks to O'Day Park.

FYI: Print the coupon below, and there's a free order of fried green beans waiting for you at TGI Friday's. It may not be healthy, but there is something that's usually nutritious in the middle...


TUES 7/26

Zili Misik
at Elma Lewis Playhouse, 143 Seaver St, Dorchester (Playstead/Franklin Park)

There is nothing wrong with Zili Misik and their multi-cultural sonic blend of African, Latin, reggae, etc. However for a certain span it seemed like they were at every outdoor festival that I went, so I've had my fill of there earnest lyrics heavy on social justice.

Still it's full of strong rhythms, and this feels like warm/sunny weather music. And there's other Tuesday entertainment in the park for a few more weeks.

The Franklin Park people suggest the #22/28/29 buses, but I like taking the Orange Line to Green Street and walking into the park from the other side.

TUES 7/26

"Shakespeare On Love"
at O'Day Park, 85 W Newton St, Boston (South End)

One of the best perennial cheap thrills in town has to be "Shakespeare on the Common" every summer since 1996.

Their production of "All's Well That Ends Well" begins tomorrow night (through SUN 8/14, except Mondays).

If you don't want to sit through one story for 2 hours and 45 minutes, another 55 minute option is available from the the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's Summer Academy Apprenticeship performs a mix of Shakespeare sonnets and scenes on the theme of love.

It's like short attention span Shakespeare. This troupe hits a couple more parks in the next 2 weeks.

TUES 7/26

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Dr. Sketchy Boston: Evening Sessionat Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Ave, Boston (South End)

Models: Brandy Wine & Amy Macabre

From first-timers to professionals, all are welcome to have some art fun with no one to tell you what to do. If there's an art class that's cheaper, they won't have burlesque dancers as models. As they say:

We start with short poses to get you warmed up and then move on to longer and longer poses, but that's about where the traditional life drawing session stops...
Just bring something to draw on and enjoy a judgement-free session. Yeah, there's a bar in the other room. And, yeah, you can tip the models.


Anonymous said...

The waiters out front can model for me

rob v said...

Is this a shoutout for the South End? ;-)