Thursday, September 22, 2011

THUR 9/22: Music, Art, Vonnegut

Psst. There are some insanely good music options this weekend. Some require advance action to keep 'em $10 or under:

There are 2 excellent nights of rock 'n roll at Church that is raising money for a MS charity ($10 advance / $12 day of show / both nights for $18).

Saturday is also the 3rd iteration of "One Night Band" the Middle East - Downstairs ($10 advance / $12 day of show) where 40 musicians get split up into 8 bands in the morning and perform that night.
Both places offer online and offline purchases.

Psst, psst, there is also a free Miller Lite waiting for you at the Pour House around 6pm; look for the "Thirsty Thursday" promotion/commotion.

Yes, other Friday & Saturday cheapness is on the calendar.


THUR 9/22

5pm to 10pm
"The Boston Song" Music Festival
at 2nd Floor, Quincy Market, Boston (Faneuil Hall)

Feat: Sweet Tooth & The Sugarbabies, Doug Trasher, Shea Rose, Alicia Lemke, Me vs. Gravity, Lisa Bello

It won't have the legs of "Dirty Water", but "So Good (The Boston Song)" doesn't embarrass the town and will probably be in a Boston tourism commercial of some kind. Heck -- the music video is a advert for the Hub!

So the Berklee kids who wrote it for as a class assignment are taking it another step with a 'music fest' that was supposed to be outside but has been moved inside Quincy Market. A variety of their musical friends join in.

There are differing schedules between the music and venue sites, so show at any point and you have a chance of hearing a live version of "The Boston Song" eventually. Sweet Tooth & The Sugarbabies are going to play song in each of their sets. (I originally read the info as saying every band was going to play it -- a good idea for next time, guys.)

THUR 9/22

6pm to 7pm
Artist Talk: Jeff Sheng
at Room B-04, Carpenter Center, 24 Quincy St, Cambridge (Harvard campus)

Photographer Jeff Sheng will discuss his work that includes a series of gay military personnel. In the 'Good Timing' department, he can speak about the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and celebrate the way art interacts with life.

THUR 9/22

7pm to 11pm
College Night
at Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston (The Fens)
FREE with college ID

Feat: Liz Longley, Keith Fullerton Whitman

If I've said it once, I've probably said a few more times: Don't throw ever throw away your college ID! You can keep getting discounts and going to events like this.

Thousands of students show up every year for free art and music and eats. (Thanks, Chipotle and Pinkberry!)

Something else? For some reason, there will be hula-hooping... And it's yet another chance to see the new Contemporary Art wing.

THUR 9/22

"Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt": Kurt Vonnegut Jr Tribute
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)
$8 / 21+

Poetry, Etc:
8:15pm to 9pm -- James Caroline, Charles Coe, Jade Sylvan, The Duende Project, Simone Beaubien, Daphne Gottlieb
9:25pm -- Meghan Chiampa & Jade Sylvan speak about Vonnegut
9:30pm -- Shadow-puppet theater by Woellert & Clark
9:45pm -- Cabaret by Scarlett Strawberry
10pm -- Connor Wood
10:15pm -- Jade Sylvan
10:30pm -- Space Balloons
10:50pm -- Army of Mars
11:05pm -- Somerville Symphony Orkestar
If one has read "Slaughter-House Five" or "Breakfast of Champions", Kurt Vonnegut has blown that mind multiple times -- or it was a singular that lasted through the whole reading.

In an article co-organizer Meghan Chiampa (of Desert Race Boston)says she wrote her thesis on "B of C". It's neither the anniversary of Kurt's birth or death, but no reason is needed to celebrate the author with poetry, music, shadow puppets, and more.

Hey, don't the Tralfamadorians tell us that all time exists at the same time? They would enjoy this fast-paced program occurring on a night that just another night on the time dimension.

THUR 9/22

Mrs Danvers, Echorev, Megan Lui Band
at Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)
$8 / All Ages

I might recommend a gig just because I dig Mrs Danvers for keeping a foot in the powerpop yard while also keeping it funky and dancey next door. There are a couple more interesting bands such as Echorev (with one of the Mrs Danvers ladies); discerning ears will flip out for how they nail a chill vibe that is ridiculously deep on musical ideas. Megan Lui Band who comes across as solid songwriter when solo and should kick it up a notch with her band.

THUR 9/22

Brown Bird, Coyote Kolb, Mr. Sister
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

There is going to be some folky, rootsy music in 3 different shades of awesome. Brown Bird kicked ass at the Newport Folk Festival, so you have to give a tip of the hat and a listen to the Providence duo. If you're a long-haired, hippy, twangy, bluesy music lover and don't love Coyote Kolb; then something may be wrong with you. That could be enough, but Mr Sister might cause a neck injury, if you're not paying attention to Amelia Emmet's transcendently creaky voice from the moment she bgins.

THUR 9/22

Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers, Adela & Jude
at Milky Way Lounge / Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)
$5 / 21+

This is going to be an "old time dance revival" where delta-blues guitar mistress Erin Harpe will open with a solo set to hear her fantastic rendition of the early 1900's acoustic-fingerstyle blues. Adela & Jude play the kind of early country that makes you worry about your eternal soul. Thankfully, Erin & the Delta Swingers will get you back into a dance party spirit.

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