Thursday, March 15, 2012

THUR 3/15: Art, Video, Hip-Hop, Rock

Maybe Venus and Jupiter will poke out tonight. Last night's BU observatory session was cancelled, and I suspect tonight's program at Harvard's observatory will only be the lecture.

Can't wait for the "Hunger Games" movie? The Brattle is screening "Battle Royale" tonight, which is the 2000 Japanese film that is (probably) the source material.

You can beware the ides of March, especially if you're planning on ruling the Roman Empire...


THUR 3/15

5:30pm to 8pm
"Campaign for Good": Opening Reception
at Fort Point Arts Community Gallery, 300 Summer St #M1, Boston (Seaport)

Feat: Karen Stein, Matthew Shanley, Jessica Gath, XO Good

The first interactive stage is over where the artists solicited slogans to be turned into art. The next stage is to absorb the messages and do some good. Or at least look at them (on view thru FRI 4/27) then decide later.

Some of these folks have created positive public art in the area before, so I don't doubt a positive vibe whatever the exhibit looks like.

If you haven't been here before, I'm pretty sure this is the gallery where you have to walk through the Channel Cafe, which is a darn-good out-of-the-way spot.

THUR 3/15

Akram Zataari, "In This House" & "All is Well on the Border": Video Screening
at List Visual Arts Center, Wiesner Bldg, 20 Ames St, Cambridge (MIT campus)

I watched some of Zataari's stuff on Vimeo, and it didn't seem as political as the two videos to be screened tonight (about 73 minutes total) that are both in Arabic with English subtitles .

They include stories from Lebanese prisoners of war and a soldier who hides a message in an empty mortar shell.

THUR 3/15

Blacastan 'The Master Builder Part II' Record Release Party
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

Feat: Blacastan, MC Esoteric, Big Shug, Jaysaun, DJ Doo Wop

Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker

I remember seeing Blacastan's name a couple years ago and thinking that's a good hip-hop handle. It evokes images someplace more exotic and bad-ass than his hometown of Hartford. Blac and guests are celebrating his new album (and it's okay if missed " Master Builder Part I").

Check out Big Shug who was an early Gang Starr member and Esoteric who made a concept album that starts with his dog dying then goes downhill from there.

THUR 3/15

OTP, Stereo Soul Future, Butterknife, Effzero
at Radio, 379 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$7 / 21+

As much as Blacastan is a good name, OTP doesn't do thing for me. I think I ignored them because I thought they were a stoner-jam-band or something. They actually have a pretty good punky-folky thing going on.

In fact, it a full house rockin' bands that don't skimp on the melodies, especially Butterknife who I've enjoyed hearing before.

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