Monday, April 16, 2012

MON 4/16: Boston Marathon

Happy Patriots Day, folks!

For another year, the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord have re-fired the first shots of the American Revolution.

And the spirit of Paul Revere (or someone dressed like him) is riding through Somerville as William Dawes still probably gets less attention as he passes through Cambridge.

More cheapness on the calendar...


MON 4/16

9:15am until the last guy crosses the line
116th Boston Marathon
from Hopkinton to Boston
FREE to watch

Oh, man... It's a hot one! I was at the scorcher in 2003, and standing along the route was an effort.

It's not too late to go watch the marathon, but it's probably too late to get a good spot.

The fastest wheelchair competitors will cross the finish line around 11 am, and the first runners should be arriving about an hour later.

Maybe you can find a decent sight line near Cleveland Circle or Coolidge Corner. I've enjoyed hanging out on a couple occasions on Comm Ave just a bit after Heartbreak Hill. Bring a little ice chest, and you should be okay...

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