Friday, April 06, 2012

SAT 4/7: Pillow Fight!

Even though I'll likely spend much of tonight preparing for company, I might just procrastinate by elaborating on cheap weekend fun.


Banditos Misteriosos Pillow Fight 2012
at Secret Location, to be announced at Midnight

If someone wakes you on Saturday with a swift yet soft whack on the head, it's a celebration of "International Pillow Fight Day".

Hundreds of people show up for the Banditos' semi-flash mob, and the crowd gets bigger every year.

Arrive before 3pm, and discreetly bring a pillow (un-feathered/non-painful). Wait for the horn, then have some fun bashing anyone with a pillow.

There has been a hint about the location -- that it will be easy for PAX East attendees to take a break from the virtual work for IRL gaming. (Tony Hawk's video games are non-competitive too, right?)

I can think of a couple Seaport spots off the top of my head:

Maybe everyone could fit in front of the Convention Center? I think it would be cool to do it around the ICA and the outside stairs as long everyone maintains minimal safety awareness.

Check their website or Facebook or Twitter for the actual location.

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