Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goldstar Pick o' the Week: Interactive Fun

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Welcome to the 2nd weekly installment for Goldstar -- the site that usually offers about 50% off -- sometimes more -- various performances like theater, comedy, music, etc.

There is a fee, but you're still ahead of the game. (And you can handle emails about future events.) I have used their service, so I know it works.

Some admission prices even drop below the CTB $10 threshold thanks to the service, although stuff such as Cirque du Soleil still costs a bit more.

Since it's Father's Day this weekend, I thought I'd point out a couple things that might be something to do with (or without) dads.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday Evenings through SUN 12/23

5 Wits: "Espionage" or "20,000 Leagues"
at Patriot Place, 202 Patriot Pl, Foxboro (near Gillette Stadium)
$9 Goldstar price (vs $18)

For 45 to 60 minutes, your group will go on an interactive adventure that requires more brain than brawn. Groups go through different rooms and work together to solve a set of challenges.

Intended for the 20-something crowd, some people think it's fun for younger people. I think solving puzzles as if being a spy or taking a ride on Captain Nemo's submarine is fun for anyone with an imaginative spirit.

The term 'evening' means after 6pm to me, so I assume the offer applies to times when there may not be a bunch of kids overwhelming your experience...

I wish these interactive adventures were still located near Fenway, but Patriot Place is a dad-friendly place with some shops offering Fathers Day specials.


There's a old-school song/comedy/dance show at the Regent Theatre on 6/17 (2pm). I couldn't find any recordings or videos, so it's a crapshoot. However if your father is interested in something like a blend of "Tom Jones, Robert Goulet and Sinatra", he may not have high expectations for entertainment. Tickets are available as low as $4.75.

This is where one might say, "Support of our sponsors is appreciated."

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