Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WED 6/20: Free Hats in Copley Sq

Probably in different styles than the above...

Other cheap fun on the calendar.


WED 6/20

Hat Day in the Sun
at Copley Square, about 600 Boylston St, Boston

The first day of Summer announces the season with a scorcher, and you could use a hat.

The Headwear Association is giving away 200 hats that will likely conform to their parameters for optimal sun protection:

* hats with a brim between 2½ and 5 inches
* curved hats that follow the contour of the head and neck
* hats with opaque materials to absorb more ultraviolet rays
Remember that the sun may shine even on days when we don't slather ourselves with sunscreen. The beauty of this freebie is that it could last you for years and might become your favorite hat.

Bottom line: Why not protect your head?

Thanks to Julia B. for the heads-up!

(Unfortunately I didn't find any free ice cream today...)

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