Monday, June 18, 2012

MON 6/18: Talk, Dance, Music

Wintersleep, tonight at Great Scott
Did anyone watch the PBS show on the War of 1812? With all of last year's hoopla for the Civil War sesquicentennial, I was wondering about the 200th anniversary of the forgotten war (which makes more sense after watching the program).

Along with Harborfest that begins at the end of the month, the Navy will be touting 'Old Ironsides', etc and some tall ships will be here.


MON 6/18

5:30pm to 7:30pm
Rock Shop #17: "CMJ Music Marathon Info Session"
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
FREE / 18+

Hey, bands, are you thinking about submitting to the CMJ Music Marathon? That's the reason you'd want to go tonight. If you're interested in playing another of these music conventions, you might pick up a couple tips.

Panel will start at 6pm.

MON 6/18

6pm to 9pm
Salsa in the Park
at Blackstone Community Center courtyard, 50 W Brookline St, Boston (South End)

It must be tough for free culture. For quite a few years, there has been months of al fresco salsa dancing. Due to funding shortages, this second session may be the last of the year.

Bottom line in mixed metaphors: Carpe diem and dance like no one is watching. The schedule says there are intro salsa lessons at 6pm and 7:15pm.

Everyone is welcome, and hundreds of all ages supposedly show up. Maybe give if the spirit moves you.

MON 6/18

Joe Moss Band
at Smoken' Joe's BBQ, 351 Washington St, Brighton (Brighton Center)

It should be noted when a Chicago blues band is passing through Brighton. Moss started playing with Chicago pros when he was a teen. Unfortunately teen prodigies often get caught up in technique, and his own ensemble likes to stretch jams out longer than I prefer.

Most Mondays don't have a cover, but I suspect that may be the case tonight. The food is pretty good even if you don't go for the music.

MON 6/18

"Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice": Cage, Wolff
at Jordan Hall, 30 Gainsborough St, Boston (New England Conservatory/Fenway)


Cage, "Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra, Music for 17"
Wolff, "Hay una mujer desaparecida"
Wolff, "Overture"
It's the second of three performances to hear the work of avant-garde music's big hitter John Cage and his friend Christian Wolff, who is the program's composer-in-residence this year.

Tonight is the premiere of Wolff's "Overture", so old composers don't stop creating the peculiar.

MON 6/18

Wintersleep, Magic Magic, Slowdim
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$9 / 18+

Of the many deserving Canadian bands, the acts that have made an impact on this side of the border have been (off the top of my head): Rush, Barenaked Ladies, and Arcade Fire. I won't compare Wintersleep to Arcade Fire. There is a lot of interesting sounds that propel the songs into the anthemic indie-rock realm songs, however the songs at their could easily be delivered with just a guitar and remind you of Iron & Wine.

Local guys Magic Magic and Slowdim will add psych-rock and gently fuzzy sounds for a full night of cool tunes.

Fun Fact on Paul McCartney's birthday: He chose Wintersleep as one of his opening acts for a 2009 concert in Nova Scotia.

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