Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just felt like making a blog.


I figured I should do something bloggy with this thang I do. Soon I'll put an abridged archive of my weekly lists, then maybe I'll put some of my items up (or something like that).

Here's a brief disclaimer:

I try to list things that cost $10 or less. There may be ancillary costs that might bring the cost of the outing over $10, but that's up to you... I do my best to bring you the most accurate information, but I can't guarantee anything will happen as expected. (My life is filled with examples of this...)

This is, of course, not a complete list of cheap free things to do. I pick the stuff that offer the best potential for fun -- or provide some value to your life and/or the world in general.

Or you can subscribe to my weekly e-list of things to do around Boston for $10 or less: cheapthrillsboston ] a t [

Please feel free to send me tips/info too!


** Hey, the Boston Globe (in November '08) said this was one of the best local websites, so I guess I'm doing something right...

** The Globe's "Go To It" likes me too: "He's got a gusto for good deals and a blog to share his thrifty finds."