Thursday, August 28, 2008

Advance Notice, FRI 8/29: Art, Video, Tarot (& free booze!) and My Thoughts: Last Month's Reception

78 Evasions: The Urnash Tarot
6pm to 8pm
Egypt Urnash, "78 Evasions: The Urnash Tarot": Opening Reception
Bill Domonkos, "Wormhole": Video
at Space 242, 242 E Berkeley St, 2nd Fl, Boston (South End)

Interest in tarot might enhance your experience at the reception, but the work looks pretty cool on its own. The artist, Egypt Urnash, has created her own set of tarot cards, so there will be 78 prints on display. To kick the tarot theme up a notch, there will be tarot card readings by Anya Webber; and she's serious about it. (I'm not...)

This would probably be enough stimulation, but filmmaker/multi-media artist Bill Domonkos has traveled to the Bay State from the Bay Area for the evening which includes a retrospective screening of his work -- including 2 new pieces. I watched a few clips on his site, and this is amazing stuff. It is very cool how he manipulates old footage into something very fresh and compelling. As he told The Globe, he usually doesn't come out to festivals or such things.

You have to RSVP, so get on it today. I know it won't look current, but you'll be okay.

So I went to Space 242 last month:
There were 2 artists in the exhibit, and everything was quite interesting. I have to say I was drawn more towards Dave McMahon's emotional robots and askew portraiture that might be residents of Beetlejuice's netherworld; but I also enjoyed Chi-Yun Lau's alien landscapes and some of the other illustrations (zombie roller derby!) that were familiar from the pages of The Weekly Dig. All the paintings & prints were for sale (in the $40 to $300 range). I almost bought one, but the person in front of me bought the exact painting I wanted.

The gallery is mainly the front area of the Dig's office. It was well-attended and rightfully so! There was cool art with free grub and booze. I wasn't bashful, and no one else was because they ran out of beer in about an hour. No problem -- I enjoy vodka drinks! (I'd love to work at a company that has a bar. Really, it's a dedicated bar area.) For a few dollars in tips, I left feeling very happy.

If you're wondering where it is, it's next to Medieval Manor.

Here are some pix I took (click to open a slightly larger version):
Entrance Crowd Shot

Most Are Waiting For Fresh Waffles Angry Veggies

The Painting I Wanted To Buy No, No, No, Maybe

The Bar

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