Friday, August 15, 2008

SAT 8/16: Revolutionary Water Gun Battle

Like this, but with water and real people
If you want to play, you need to register for this event today (8/15) by 6pm. You'll need to know where to meet and whether you should wear a red or blue shirt.

Update: It's not going to be on Boston Common.

BUT from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, there will be a re-enactment encampment of "colonial British soldiers".

Don't forget it's a Tax Holiday weekend...


SAT 8/16

Revolutionary Water Gun Battle
Location revealed in registration confirmation email, Somewhere around Boston

You'll be assigned a side (red or blue) and given the battlefield location when you register (deadline: FRI 8/15).

Some info from Banditos Misteriosos:

Consider this event the combination of a good old fashioned water gun fight and the revolutionary battle of our forefathers. Staying true to Boston's historical roots, this water gun fight shall focus on two armies, marching and meeting each other for a battle in a specific location.

- 1 empty water gun of your choice.
- At least 2 FILLED two-liter bottles (bring more if you desire!)
- 1 back-pack to hold water bottles.
- 1 bottle of bubbles.
- 1 either red or blue shirt (depending on army assignment).
- Any other revolutionary paraphernalia you don't mind getting wet (hats, flutes, etc)
- As always, your fighting vigor and a bandana!

If you have any marching drum/flute experience or if you have in your own possession, a revolutionary soldier outfit, please do e-mail us as we would love to talk to you!

Update: So my source who told me it wouldn't be at Boston Common wasn't trying to screw with my mind. It was on the Esplanade, and having a water gun fight next to the river makes perfect sense.

There are plenty of photos like this one on Flickr:
actual photo of saturday's fun

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