Thursday, October 23, 2008

Like East Somerville? Got Some Photos?

East Somerville stoop
Somerville City Hall will host a photo exhibit called "Interpreting East Somerville". The original deadline was MON 10/20, but it's been extended to SAT 10/25. They say it's due to the tremendous crush of last-minute submissions on Monday, but I think they'd like to broaden their choices.

Details are available on the website. It might not mention the new deadline, but trust me. You can still send in 3 images. I don't know why I'm telling people about this... If more people enter, my chances of getting in the exhibit dwindle...

There was a tiny thought somewhere in my head: I might have a chance of taking an acceptable picture that might sneak its way into the exhibit, so I walked around East Somerville last weekend for about an hour. I ran out of daylight, but I took a few and sent some in.

So go ahead and submit your photos of East Somerville (the specified area)! I'll try another exhibition someday...

Will probably have a brief Thursday update at some point.

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