Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WED 10/1: Music, Movie, Free Burrito

Dennis Brennan Band, at Lizard Lounge
So I didn't go to the Milky Way last night, but the word is a Dewars rep was walking around and handing out 'samples', so the quantity of free booze was spotty. Hey, it was free! If you're near Tufts today, get in line for a free burrito...


WED 10/1

11am to 8pm
One Regular Burrito
at Boloco, 340 Boston Ave, Medford (near Tufts campus)

I guess Boloco makes a tidy profit from the college kids (it's the location's 2nd anniversary). I rarely think of going unless I hear about free food. Trust you wouldn't be the only person who takes multiple freebies today. ($5 dollar value)

WED 10/1

Dave Doobinin
FREE / 21+

Dennis Brennan Band
$8 / 21+

at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)

After a couple months away from the Lizard Lounge, Dennis Brennan and band are back every Wednesday night for at least October. Even though some might not know Brennan, I believe they sense something special about that curly, redheaded guy who emanates cool as he walks around Dickson's. I wanted to say something, but I didn't have anything substantial to say. Should I have said that I love his songs? He represents the epitome of rock 'n roll? His band is awesome? He probably hears stuff like that all the time -- for good reason. The cover charge is up from $5, but I love hanging out at Lizard Lounge.

Dave Doobinin is a NY-based singer-songwriter that sounds pretty good. I hear a seriousness in his songs that might be a little heavy for grabbing a drink and listening to a free set, but a good time can be had.

WED 10/1

9pm to Midnight
"Quinceanera" w/ Reception and Q&A
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline
FREE w/ RSVP / 21+

If you're not familiar with a quinceanera, it's a 15th birthday for Latina (mainly Mexican) girls that's very popular in Los Angeles. I read a synopsis of the film, and it might be a bit melodramatic for my taste with potential virgin pregnancy and a family's marginalization of a young gay man. On the other hand, it won a couple awards at the Sundance Film Festival... There will be Q&A afterwards with "Special Guest"; I assume one of the co-director/writers -- but what do I know?

Hey, it's a free movie with a pre-screening cocktail reception as DJ Jayceeoh spins.

You can RSVP until 6pm today, and it's one of those shows where it's first-come, first-seated until they reach capacity.

One more for today:

WED 10/1

"Talking All That Jazz"
at Revolution Rock Bar, 200 High St, Boston

While I'm not excited about this, I'm passing it along. My apathy for Revolution Rock Bar equals my love of the Lizard Lounge, but others might enjoy hanging out there. For those hanging out with this crowd, there should be some free apps and conversation starting about 6pm. I wouldn't mind hearing Alonzo Harris do a live tribute to Maxwell around 8pm. Maxwell's "Urban Hang Suite" was a favorite of mine for many years, and he's playing the Opera House next Wednesday. Some lucky soul could win a pair of tix at this event.

You RSVP on Going or send an email with your name and some message about wanting to go tonight...

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