Sunday, May 31, 2009

5/31: Sunday Night Off-Topic Video

Believe it or not, Chris Coxen won $25k for this video for dancing in his underwear. The story below is on his website, but I felt it added a touching angle.

Well, guess what? You can all now say that you personally know someone that has won $25,000 by dancing in their underwear! That’s right, I won the Jockey Underwars!!!

So thank you all for voting and for broadcasting this vital campaign message among your precious networks. I appreciate it immensely. Special thanks go to:

Katie Weber - She was the one that initially told me of this contest.

Joe Madaus – He filmed the ordeal.


Robby Roadsteamer and Hardy – WBCN’s finest…they were extremely generous with their airtime, allowing me on the whole week to promote.

Karlson and McKenzie – WZLX’s finest that had me on their jazzy morning show in efforts to help me win.

Jimmy Traina – From…he was kind enough to post this on Sports Illustrated’s website which allowed for national exposure of this undy incident.

The Street Vendor Guy – He rescued the War Doll from a drunken buffoon last Thursday night as I promoted outside Fenway (see full story below).

As many of you know, during the week of the finals, I went back down Fenway Park before the baseball games to gain support. Armed with little more than my "Vote Danny Morsel at" sign, fliers, rollerblades, the War Doll and a fresh pair of Jockey boxer briefs, I was ready to promote...vigorously.

On one of the nights, a group of drunken idiots standing 25 feet from me began to yell and heckle me while I employed my risky marketing campaign. One drunk chick from the pack of geniuses then got in my face and slurred, "Did you lose a bet or somethin'?!" while she grabbed my hockey stick sign. While this happened, an uncultured moron (email me for a more cutting and accurate description of this fellow) grabbed the War Doll off my chest and started to run away.

I became sad and scared as I saw the War Doll exit my life at an alarming pace. I felt helpless.

All the sudden, these old, gnarly street vendors that sell hats, programs and sausages saw what was happening, rushed out from their stations, started to go after the chucklehead and began screaming at the guy, "GIVE HIM HIS DOLL BACK!!!" The dude froze in terror, mumbled something in line with his limited intelligence and returned the sacred War Doll to me. It was one of the funniest things to hear those vendors scream "Give him his doll back!!" in a serious, angry tone. I went up to them and in character, thanked them. I was amazed how much those vendor dudes stick together and watch out for each other and for one

See pictures from the front lines.

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