Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FRI 5/8: Free Buffalo Tom (plus) Show

Buffalo Tom, The Great Bandini, Mieka Pauley
at Volvo Ocean Race Village, about 28 Northern Ave, Boston (Waterfront/Fan Pier)

You heard it here first! (Or second or third...)

I was at the Volvo Ocean Race Village last weekend, and it was pretty cool. (Maybe I'll have a little write-up and some pictures up before Friday.)

I hope to go back and enjoy a drink on the top floor of Puma City and try the "interactive" exhibits (e.g. yacht-at-sea simulator) when there isn't a line...

I bet Friday won't be a quiet time, especially with a kick-ass concert on the stage. Instead of grade-schoolers doing boring song-and-dance crap, three outstanding acts play for free. Did I mention you can freely roam the 'village' with your adult beverages?

I assume Mieka Pauley will open up since she's leans to the folky side. She's playing with a band these days, and I heard an interview where she was talking about getting a bit more aggressive with her sound. Mieka's voice is like an aural narcotic. Even if her songs weren't so well written, I'd happily listen to whatever she was singing.

The Great Bandini were one of the Rumble finalists last year, and I thought they were going take it all. The band is full of top-notch players whipping all around the cool harmonies.

Do I need to say anything about Buffalo Tom? They're one of Boston's best exports to the music world, and they still rock out when the mood strikes them (Hot Stove Cool Music benefits, etc). I read that they're going on around 9pm.

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