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Sneak Peek -- SAT 5/9

Jerkus Circus, at The Burren
The effort has been sidetracked a bit, but am still moving forward...


SAT 5/9

8am to 8:30pm
"The Future of Food: Transatlantic Perspectives"
at School of Law Auditorium, 765 Comm Ave, Boston (BU Campus)

This international conference offers these sessions like "From Farm to Fork: The Global Food Chain", "The End of Cheap Food: Food and Geopolitics", "What’s in What You Eat? Food Safety in a New Ecology", and "Eating Green: Food and Climate Change".

All of the events on Saturday are free and open to the public, but it's too late to register for/buy lunch. You don't have to go for the whole day, but there's "no admittance while sessions are in process or after 6pm." So you need to attend the 6pm session to hear the closing keynote by farmer/author Michael Ableman and the 8pm reception

(Thanks, Lily von S!)

SAT 5/9

"Walt Disney's Cinderella"
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I noticed that The Brattle has been presenting their "Elements Of Cinema" series for more than a year, and some classic/essential film every 2nd Saturday of the month. "Cinderella" doesn't seem like an obvious choice to me, but it is considered an animation masterpiece.

It has probably been a long time since it was last seen on a local silver screen, and it will probably be a long time until your next chance. Intro and discussion led by Brattle's creative director, Ned Hinkle.

SAT 5/9 & SUN 5/10

Noon to 5pm
Annual Fort Point Spring Art Walk
around Fort Point, South Boston [PDF map]

Noon to 6pm
Central Cambridge Open Studios
around Central Sq & Cambridgeport, Cambridge [PDF map]

I love walking around town everyday. Throw in hundreds of artists showing work, and it's even better. Fort Point is one of the first areas that hosted open studios (info booth near 249 A Street, I think), and there should be some cool stuff in Cambridge too.

I feel far more relaxed than a museum or gallery experience. Whether the art appeals to you or not, you can discuss it with the person who made it (and/or leave quickly yet respectfully). Many artists might have some "refreshments" for you as well.

If you haven't bought your mother a gift yet -- and you don't know what to get her -- buy her a piece of art; you'll see work in all sorts of media.

SAT 5/9

Socializing for Justice
at Boston Common, near Charles St & Beacon St, Boston
$2 (to help cover expenses)

Hang out with like-minded people and talk issues while just chilling in the Common. It's like a hippie fest with (hopefully) better hygiene.

Socializing for Justice has a variety of meet-ups all the time and claim they're "testing out the radical concept of assembling in public, on blankets with frisbees, for justice."

You've been to the Common for demonstrations, rallies, festivals, but have you ever been just to socialize en mass?

Blankets, food, Frisbees, kids, dogs, musical instruments, games... all sorts of good ole' outdoor fun.

Bring whatever you'd normally bring to a public picnic along with your groups literature (or whatever). Find a cause... Find people to help with your cause...

SAT 5/9

4:30pm to 7:30pm
Oyster Festival
at Volvo Ocean Race Village, about 28 Northern Ave, Boston (Waterfront/Fan Pier)

I contacted the Race Village people: The oysters aren't free, but there will be a lot of mollusks to try -- and an oyster shucking contest at the end. It's sponsored by Grey Goose, so maybe there may be some 'bonus material' for adults... With the sights and a couple exhibits, you should have a a good time for $10 or less...

A harbor race is going on earlier in the day (approx. 1pm to 3:30pm).

SAT 5/9

"TOFUnny": Vegan Comedy
Feat: Myq Kaplan, Jamie Kilstein, MC Mr. Napkins
at The Burren, 247 Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)

I hand it to these guys for making veganism funny (haha) instead of funny (hmm). The AltCom Festival claims this is the world's first and only all-vegan comedy show, so who knows -- maybe vegan comics will simply do regular routines.

SAT 5/9

"Jerkus Circus"
at The Burren, 247 Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)

Feat: The Steamy Bohemans, Ian Moore, Jamie Kilstein, Alex The Jester, Myq Kaplan, Miss Em, Babes In Boinkland, Mary Widow, Miss Adventure, The Human Floor

Okay, we all know this is going to be better than the vegan comedy show, but to each their own. Let's just say that saucy songs 'n comedy 'n burlesque will always trump soy products. (And a couple of those comedians are performing at this show.)

It seems like The Steamy Bohemians haven't brought their Jerkus Circus show to the Boston area for a while, so I think they might kick it up a notch for the AltCom Festival.

SAT 5/9

"FOUND's Requiem for a Paper Bag"
at Precinct, 70 Union Square, Somerville

I initially knew FOUND from it's website where they show the weird stuff that's "found" by people. (People always misplace the most peculiar stuff, no? This is the peculiar of the funny of the peculiar.) The Rothbart Brothers put the photos of humankind's psychological detritus into magazines and books.

Davy and Peter are on tour with tales (and songs) their latest anthology, "Requiem for a Paper Bag". It sounds pretty cool with contributions from folks like Chuck D, Sarah Vowell, Devendra Banhart, Seth Rogen, and others.

Aaron from Unlikely Words has a really good interview with Davy Rothbart, and he said the show is:

...basically about an hour long, sort of rowdy reading and music show. I get up there with a big stack of my favorite notes and letter that people have found and sent into us over the years -- or maybe it’s an hour and a quarter... and I read them out loud, but I end up getting a little bit carried away. I read them with the energy and emotion they were written with. I get a little rambunctious.

My brother Peter has written songs based on some of the found notes. And his songs are really pretty and some of them are fucking hilarious. He’s got this one song, in my mind, it’s the highlight of the show... Someone one had found this cassette tape in a town called Ypsilanti, Michigan. It’s these kids, they had written these homemade booty rap anthems. So Peter wrote a cover of one of these songs... called, "The Booty Don’t Stop". And it’s fucking brilliant. It’s amazing.
They encourage people to bring your "finds" to share.

SAT 5/9

Mad haPPy, Cathy Cathodic, Mahi Mahi, Made In Mexico
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$8 / 21+

This has the makings for a wild show that could push you past your comfort zone. The rap-tastic rap-tivist Cathy Cathodic is an amazing multi-dimensional underground MC that dances over the line of comical and serious; she's going to be joined by a live drummer. Mad haPPy is a couple who blast out hippie-dippy, acid-soaked electro-pop/hip-hop -- and Rivka is 7-months pregnant! Since I've already used a quote, David Berman of Silver Jews said:
Mad Happy are the best twinning of sexual/ethical musical wisdom in contemporary jammage.
Mahi Mahi -- the fish -- is delicious, but the synth & drums noise-duo from Providence doesn't do much for me. Made In Mexico is also from Provi, and I somewhat dig their trippy noise-rock.

SAT 5/9

The Everyday Visuals, Taxpayer, Tiny Animals
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 21+

The Everyday Visuals have a new CD where they drifted a bit from awesome powerpop goodness to a rootsier vibe. Everything they do sounds terrific to me. I had a bad experience with Taxpayer a few years ago, so it's hard for me to get enthused about their arena-lite modern-rock, but you might like them. Tiny Animals sound like they're chock-full of hooky, punky pop. I guess Taxpayer might be a good time to start smoking again, if I was going...

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