Monday, October 12, 2009

MON 10/12: Art, Lit, Songs

If you love "Where the Wild Things Are" and you're downtown today, you should think about stopping by the Aquarium around noon, 1pm, or 2pm for a chance to win advance screening passes, and there should be other little giveaways.


MON 10/12

10am to 4pm
Opening Our Doors 2009
All around the Fenway

Overdosing on art is probably my favorite way to spend Columbus Day. The MFA? The Gardner Museum? The Mapparium? Free today, and much more.

Almost every every cultural institution in the Fenway area offers free admission and special programs.

MON 10/12

1pm to 6pm
Charles River Literary Fair
at George Sherman Union, Basement, 775 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

Unlike the upcoming Boston Book Festival, this literary fair is geared towards people who are interested in writing/publishing field. It's a chance to meet representatives from dozens of local literary magazines, presses, etc.

It could be a good opportunity to meet other writers and like-minded people.

Bring some used books for the swap table, and any leftover books will be donated to a prison book program.

MON 10/12

Sodafrog, Marc Pinansky, Mikey French Fries
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

This is the type of show to have a drink and pay attention to the music. (Although it wouldn't be cool to yap at an acoustic gig in a small room like ZuZu.)

There's a only one amphibian in Sodafrog. Have you ever listened to the song "Wildflowers" where Tom Petty and his acoustic guitar holds your undivided attention for the whole song. Tom Janovitz does something like that with direct delivery and finely honed songs. Whatever Mama Janovitz cooked for her sons, I wish I ate more of that myself.

The other guys are far from slouches who've been in some of the best bands around town (sometimes together). Marc Pinansky (Township, Runner & The Thermodynamics, Tulsa, etc) is a big hairy dude of musical goodness; I wonder if burps melodies and coughs chords. Maybe he has some new lyrics in his beard. Mikey French Fries has drummed with excellent bands like Mean Creek, Tulsa, and Movers & Shakers. When he sings and strums, it's a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll... Y'know, greasy and salty too...

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