Tuesday, September 07, 2010

TUES 9/7: Type, Circus?, Rock, Folk

Okay, so the circus did NOT come to Somerville last night. The same source says it's going to happen tonight. I admit I'm skeptical...


TUES 9/7

5:30pm to 7pm
"Types We Can Make": Opening Reception
at Compton Gallery, Room 150, Bldg 10, 77 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT campus)

If you're a fan of typography, you might be interested in this exhibit of "contemporary Swiss type design", which is sponsored by the Consulate. I'm an amateur admirer, so I didn't realize their prominence in the field.

You may still be able to register to attend.

TUES 9/7

"Internationally Famous Flaming Deathwish Itinerant Family Circus"
at Davis Square Plaza, about 35 Davis Sq, Somerville
Donations encouraged

Hey, do you really expect circus peopel to stay on schedule? They were supposed to perform yesterday, but the latest word is tonight.

They probably will show up, but I'm not totally convinced it isn't some kind of internet joke.

This is all the info I've found (and I tried to find more):

Come one come all to see the first performance of the soon-to-be Internationally Famous Flaming Deathwish Itinerant Family Circus, lead by Mr. Crazy Lady and her trained fleas!

Hailing from the greater Providence area (extending as far north as Baffin Island, and as far south as Easter Island, though performers are neither puffins nor catholics), Flaming Deathwish will perform a number of simultaneously death-defying and family-friendly stunts, in series and parallel.

Boston is their first stop on a nationwide schoolbus tour on which they aim to inspire chaos and liberation at every possible juncture.

Flaming Deathwish will be joined by the ever expanding Fantastic Non-Stick Antiperspirant Russian Nonsemble, lead by siberian ex-patriot Fluffsky the spectacled polar bear.
Be wary, if you plan on making a special trip...

TUES 9/7

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (11pm), Telekinesis (10pm), Golden Bloom (9:05pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

The cup runneth over with tremendous indie-pop! I don't know or care if S.S.L.Y.B.Y. is still a band that people 'buzz' about -- these guys from Missouri construct some delicious tunes that chug along as if (classic) Weezer wanted tone things down a bit.

Telekinesis is basically one guy from Seattle who tours with a band to flesh out his powerpop creations that I plan to regularly place between my ears. I really thought that Golden Bloom's album was the best thing I heard last year. Get there early, and don't miss a single wonderful note.

TUES 9/7

Mon Monarch
at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

Mon Monarch is a trio of musicians that went out into the woods and returned with a complete CD of well-crafted folk, and they're hitting the road to share it with you.

According to their site, they'll give you the download code just for showing up.

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