Monday, January 03, 2011

Faves 2010: Flyers I Posted, Part 1

There were some ideas for other 'year-end' posts, but this is easy to complete...

My favorite flyer that I posted each month in 2010. I'm doing it in 4 segments to reduce the space it takes up on the home page.

The next part will be up tomorrow night.



I almost picked SAT 1/23 that has a similar format, but this one has bolder colors -- and the bell boy & sheep intrigued me:


There were several really good ones (like an edgy V-Day show and old racing photo with text), but it's all over for me when you put sexy legs on a Fender JazzMaster:


Yeah, it was a close tie between Foxy Shazam and a red-white-blue one in classic rock poster style followed by The Lights Out's sexy pregnant woman.

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