Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faves 2010: Flyers I Posted, Part IV

I wanted to finish off this series of posts, and I think I have at least one more 'best-of' style post in me -- in honor of one of my fellow Boston blogs...

Once more I reiterate: These were chosen for visually aesthetic values (almost) only.

If there's a message, it's that images also count in the music biz. Don't stop making flyers.

Part 3 can be found here.



One made me laugh, and one made me shiver, but this one created by comic book people was really beautiful.


This one might have been my favorite, but I'm going for the sentimental favorite... Billy Ruane...


I could've gone for the cheap "end" of the year joke or cool vintage comic book. I'm going for the peculiar drawing from some kick-ass bands.

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