Sunday, May 06, 2012

SUN 5/6: Annual Harvard Mayfair

If Mayfair doesn't float your boat, take a stroll through Somerville or Brookline and you'll probably stumble into some art today.

If you missed the food truck fest yesterday, the SoWa Open Market is opening for the season; there are always a few parked over there. There is even an Art Walk in that neighborhood as well.


SUN 5/6

Noon to 6pm
Annual MayFair
around Harvard Square, Cambridge

Crowds rarely get more crowded than the annual MayFair, and still there will always be the odd bicyclist or double-wide baby stroller wending their way through the mild mayhem of vendors and food stands.

The multiple stages of music, dance, etc. Have a good time and walk around, I'd personally try to hear the first few bands on the main stage and pretty much anyone on the Passim stage.

Main Stage:

Noon -- Shelterbelt
1pm -- Darlingside
2pm -- Susan Cattaneo
3pm -- Frank Viele & the Manhattan Project
3:55pm -- Emilio Tirado w/ special guests Mickey Blakheart, Slaine & N.B.S
4:20pm -- Emily Elbert
5:20pm -- The Mallett Brothers Band
Club Passim Stage:
Noon -- Todd Thibaud
1pm -- Jeff Conley
2pm -- Dietrich Strause
3pm -- Amy Correia
4pm -- Kristen Ford Band
5pm -- Madam Macadam
The Emerging America stage across from Border Cafe sounds interesting. There's also a dance stage and a classical music stage.

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