Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stuff@Night is Evil; Canada is good.

satanized stuff@night
That might be a little harsh, but that was how I felt last Wednesday. I tried to give some love to Canada last week, because they invited me to a reception for their "Next Stop... Canada" event in Copley Sq. Not much happened there besides a short statement from someone with Canadian Tourism and local blues pianist David ("I'm big in Ottawa") Maxwell played during the mingling time. At a table in the back Chef Armando from Ottawa's Le Cordon Bleu was slicing up fruit into beautiful sculptures with same ease as someone else might sign their name over and over again.

Otherwise, people could chat while enjoying 3 good Canadian cheeses (2 were very delicious) and 3 Canadian wines (2 were excellent). I thought I was going to stay for 30 minutes or so, but I kept stuffing my face with bread & cheese and enjoyinf ice wine martinis.

I was hoping to hit the free mojitos event at the new terrace bar in the Hyatt Regency (Downtown Crossing). It was a Stuff@Night event, and I RSVP'ed because I'm on their mailing list and get these invitations. I've been to other events and enjoyed free drinks and nosh from them, so I shouldn't bad-mouth them. BUT -- as I said -- I've been to other S@N events, so I know how to RSVP.

Unlike the warm, friendly, courteous women of Canada that I encountered earlier; I was told that I was not on the list and she looked at me like I had turned into a single-celled amoeba. I tried to convince her that I registered, but she was giving me that bouncer attitude. I know I'm not stylish, but that hasn't stopped me from getting in before! When I asked nicely to walk another 15 feet to see the outside bar, the woman at the desk raised her game to security guard at military facility. "That's not possible, sir. It's not a Stuff@Night policy, it's a Hyatt policy."

Umm, I'm already in the hotel and restaurant. Would it really make a difference if I craned my neck to look at the terrace bar? I am ready to believe that she didn't see my name on the list, but the name-checker could've offered a little sympathy instead of disdain. I've been to events in town, where my name was supposed to beon the list and they let me in. I guess S@N is too scary-important for that generosity.

While I look through every issue when it comes out, Stuff is the least informative of the free periodicals in Boston, IMHO. The Terrace Bar is probably a Euro-trash hangout; I never would have considered going unless they offered me a free drink -- and I was curious to see a patio bar. The reviews from the people in my downward elevator were not very positive either. Most people were disappointed with the view, while others didn't care.

There's not much cheap fun out there tonight, but these were the couple items I already listed below.


TUES 6/3

7:30pm to 9pm
Folk Dancing by the Fountain
in front of Trinity Church, 206 Clarendon St, Boston (Copley Sq)

Pretty slim pickings for cheap entertainment this Tuesday. Every Tuesday in the summer, there is free instruction in various traditional dances. On a good night, you can sit there with beverages and laugh at the dancers.

Umm, I guess the listing is actually to encourage people to dance... You don't need to bring a partner to join in, btw.

TUES 6/3

Milo Jones
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

This local singer-songwriter should be called a troubadour. He brings his songs to life with a deep, rough voice and a guitar. Quietly evocative stuff that's perfect accompaniment to a couple pints.

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