Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SAT 8/15: Band of Skulls -- Buzz Rock for Cheap (or Free)!

Band of Skulls
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$0.92 / 21+

Some albums you like at first and start to leave you a bit cold

Great CD names (like band names) can make a great first impression. If you have yet to hear a single note from Band of Skulls, don't you want to listen to "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey"?

This UK trio met in art school, so it was inevitable they would start a band. It seems like they learned their lessons well both in and out of class. All of their artwork is composed by the bassist. Musically, Band of Skulls bring a modern vitality to blues-rock that reaches back to the more progressive acts of 60's rock but remain unencumbered to go in any direction they like.

They give it to you fast, slow, quiet, loud, and various combinations to keep you interested. I didn't notice when they came through town in June, but I'm digging these songs the more I listen to them.

Some songs have spiky riffs and/or bluesy leads that gave me the feeling as if they're channeling "Wheels of Fire"-era Cream. Fans of White Stripes should dig the rough-edge verve and dynamics, yet some noisy moments mad me think of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I could make a comparison to The Duke Spirit (both English bands with hot singers), which is a pretty good band, but Band of Skulls the sonic punches with greater crispness and clarity.

Bassist Emma Richardson has a sultry voice, but every now and then you might get confused by guitarist Russel Marsden's lean yowl. The pair often takes turns on vocals, and it's a delicious sound when they sing together more like two halves of a voice than actual harmonies.

It's true -- the admission is 92 cents as part of a promotion with Radio 92.9 (fka WBOS). I checked the other day and 2 tix with service charges were about $6, and that's still a damn good deal. There is almost no chance that tickets will be available at the door, and they may have already sold out online but you could try...

I've been offered to a chance to get someone (plus 1) on the guest list. Just be the first person that comments with some way for me to contact them.

So sign in with one of the listed ID's (Google, OpenID, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM) or put some contact info (e.g. email) in your comment.

You can also try your chances with Ryan's Smashing Life who's doing an email contest. There's also a contest to enter on their website to win a bass guitar.

I don't usual put mp3's on my website, because that's why Hype Machine exists... Here's a tour rehearsal video of "I Know What I Am"; the sound quality is excellent, but I wouldn't expect the lights to be quite so fancy on Saturday.


clockworkted said...
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rob v said...

Dang, Ted... I'm gonna have to put some conditions when I do this again...

This will be much different than BlastFest, but I think it'll pretty damn good.


clockworkted said...

i removed my post, i think you should have a new winner for this contest... share the love, ya know? NEXT POST WITH PERSONAL INFO WINS!

coatcheckgirl1 said...

Excellent blog, Rob! I've had a summer full of free-ish awesomeness thanks to you!

I would love those tix for saturday if they are still available...

rob v said...

Congrats, coatcheckgirl1!

Could you send me an email at: cheapthrillsboston][at][