Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WED 11/16: Film, Talk, Trivia, Rock

I tried to whittle the list down, because it is just Wednesday. There are a couple more options on the calendar...


WED 11/16

7pm to 9pm
"Australian Short Films Today"
at Room 120, Bldg 6, 182 Memorial Drive (Rear), Cambridge (MIT campus)

Someone might give this a try if you have Australian friends or just enjoy Aussies in general.

There should be a mix of live action and animation among the recent cream of the crop, and an Australian will be there to introduce the shorts.

WED 11/16

Melanie Dunea w/ Barbara Lynch & Lydia Shire, "My Last Supper: The Next Course - 50 More Great Chefs and Their Final Meals ": Discussion
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I know people like to talk about food and listen to people talking about food. The perfect final meal is a tough question, and it's interesting to hear the answers of people who think about food all the time.

Barbara Lynch and Lydia Shire are two of the finest chefs in town who will probably speak candidly.

WED 11/16

Science in the News: "30 Years with AIDS: Where it Came From and Why It's Still With Us"
at Armenise Ampitheatre, 200 Longwood Ave, Boston (Harvard Medical School / Longwood)

In the last Science in the News seminar of the season, a trio of Harvard Medical grad students will discuss the virus in general and the challenges in fighting it.

Without blaming these folks, I'd like someone to ask why would any pharmaceutical company want to research a vaccine when they can sell a constant bevy of drugs to keep people alive?

Registration is recommended.

WED 11/16 (and THUR 11/17)

7:15pm, 9pm
"Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview"
at Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge

Isn't it interesting how this 'lost interview' was 'found' around the time of the subject's death?

In 1995, Jobs gave a 70-minute interview to be used in a PBS show "Triumph of the Nerds". It has been not shown in its entirety until now.

WED 11/16

"All Glory to the Hypnoquiz": All Futurama Trivia
at Phoenix Landing, 512 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$5 per player

The majority of hardcore "Futurama" fans will probably compete not for the cash prize but for the glory of being the top group of fanboys & fangirls.

(I wonder if some will be torn between this and the Steve Jobs screening?)

WED 11/16 (thru SAT 11/20)

International Pop Overthrow - Boston 2011
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)

Tonight's Schedule:

11:15pm -- The Buckners
10:30pm -- Young Tremors
9:45pm -- Eddie Japan
9pm -- Peter Buzzelle
8:15pm -- Corin Ashley
7:30pm -- Dan HL
While the title may remind some of the great album by Chicago power-poppers Material Issue, the whole endeavor is not really a homage to them. Although it could be as thousands of kindred spirits around the country 'rock out with their pop out' under the umbrella of the International Pop Overthrow.

Whether it's jangly, fuzzy, punky, rootsy, and/or whatever else as long as making catchy songs under the big tent of classic pop with the posts created by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds, etc.

I think tonight's line-up is my favorite, but pick a night that has a band that you already like (or a band that you've wanted to see) and enjoy a bunch of shorter sets to keep things humming along.

WED 11/16

The Bynars (10:25pm), The Front Bottoms (9:25pm), Eldridge Rodriguez (8:30pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

When crunchy guitars meet old-school synth, it should sound like The Bynars who kick ass. Eldridge Rodriguez might be best known as frontman of The Beatings; his solo stuff isn't as noisy but delivers some great tunes.

I get the feeling that acoustic guitar & drum duo The Front Bottoms might have assisted epiphanies in scores of youths from here to their native New Jersey. As a non-youth, they've got some catchy stuff.

WED 11/16

9pm to 11pm
StoryLiars: "Fight or Flight"
at Milky Way Lounge/Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)

Feat: Evan Kenney, Chris Braiotta, Brendan T. Crowley, Noel Fisher, Michael Caniff, Patrick Barrett, Harry Gordon, Matt D, Dan Boulger, MC Yung Homofobe

Hosted by: Rob Crean, Walter Cornelius

Every month or so, a group of funny people and/or good storytellers get together under different themes. However this is "StoryLiars", so one of the presenters is lying. I'm sure a mediocre prize is waiting for the audience member(s) that can pick out the false story.

As for more conventional comedy, Matt D and Dan Boulger will perform some stand-up that probably won't be based on "Fight or Flight". I believe MC Yung Homofobe is an alter ego of one of the storytellers.

WED 11/16

Aloud, Rick Berlin w/ The Nickel & Dime Band, Tad & Kate
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$10 / 18+

If you wait much longer, you're going to completely miss Aloud's Midweek November residency. Since there won't be a show before Thanksgiving, one gig remains after tonight.

Sometimes 6 bands may strike your fancy, and sometimes 3 bands are what the doctor ordered. If there were a rock doctor giving prescriptions, it might include a big dose of Aloud who excel at big, beautiful tunes that sound familiar yet fresh.

The Boston/JP musical treasure that is Rick Berlin is expanding tonight as the Nickel and Dime Band occasionally backs him up. Sidewalk Driver is contracting as Tad & Kate will take things down a notch but only a very slight notch.

If you get there early enough, there could be some free pizza waiting for you...

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